Barbie will receive the Board of Directors' Special Tribute at 2019 CFDA fashion awards

Barbie is the iconic fashion doll. She’s the one that defines what a fashion doll is, the one that started it all. She has gone through the whole history of contemporary fashion since 1959, the year of her creation. She has collaborated with many well known fashion designers and icons, beginning in 1985 with Oscar De La Renta: Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Givenchy, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Moschino, Vera Wang, Donna Karan, Christian Louboutin, Hervé Léger, Ralph Lauren, Anna Sui, Badgley Mischka, Zac Posen, Byron Lars, Anne Klein, Stephen Burrows, Judith Leiber, Escada, Kate Spade, Nicole Miller, Todd Oldham, Diane Von Furstenberg, Burberry, Hanae Mori, Bill Blass and others. So it is only fitting that in the year of her 60th anniversary, the Council of Fashion Designers of America will honour her with the Board of Directors’ Special Tribute.

Richard Dickson, Mattel’s President and Chief Operation Officer, said : “It is a tremendous honour for Barbie to be recognised by the CFDA Board of Directors for her contributions to American fashion. For the past six decades, Barbie has inspired and been inspired by fashion and creative communities. Barbie has had the great privilege of collaborating with some of the greatest designer of our time and this award is a moment to celebrate her lasting influence.”

Bill Blass Barbie

Bill Blass Barbie

Steven Kolb, President and CEO of the CFDA, said: “Barbie has had such wide influence on American fashion and culture. Her story personally resonates with so many CFDA members that the Board of Directors decided to honor her with the special tribute.”

The 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards will be held on June 3rd at the Brooklyn Museum.

The Met Gala Moschino Barbie sold out really fast!

It was only fitting that Mattel would (finally) release a Met Gala Barbie, even more fitting that it would be done for the Camp: Notes on Fashion exhibition AND designed by Moschino (and Linda Kyaw from Mattel)! The doll is perfect for the occasion, even though I cannot help thinking what Bob Mackie would have done with this theme. Unfortunately the doll sold out a few hours after appearing in the Met Museum shop, her 500 pieces are all gone. With a price of $75.00, it was only natural that it would sell out. There were two versions, a blonde and an AA. See the photos below, along with the description and details from the museum shop.


The most Moschino Barbie® Doll ever! Made by Mattel exclusively for The Metropolitan Museum of Art in a limited edition of 500, the Moschino Barbie is a creative collaboration between the Italian luxury brand and Mattel's spirited icon of style.

This collectible doll wears a super-sweet, super-fabulous ensemble. The outfit reimagines a look from Jeremy Scott’s 2015 spring/summer couture collection for Moschino, in which all the designs were inspired by Mattel's Barbie.

Think exaggerated. Think extravagant. Think over-the-top. Think camp—the subject of The Costume Institute's spring 2019 show, Camp: Notes on Fashion. Mashing up concepts from the past with looks from today, this eye-opening style offers a nudge and a wink to those in the know.

Includes earrings, purse, shoes, sunglasses, shawl, dress, doll stand, and Certificate of Authenticity.


Designer: Linda Kyaw

Label: Gold Label®

Release date: 11/9/2015

Body Type: ModelMuse™ Barbie®

Facial sculpt: Superstar

Fashion Sewn On?: No

Customizations: Painted nails

Doll: 11 1/2''H

Package: 12 3/4''H x 2 1/2''D x 6 1/2''W


Jeremy Scott (the Moschino designer) made the real life dress for Kacey Mushgraves to wear in the Met Gala. In addition, Musgraves carried a blow dryer clutch. The drop diamond earrings are from Forevermark and the shoes from Aldo.


And of course, the @Barbiestyle Instagram had photos of Barbie getting ready for the big event.

All doll photos courtesy of Mattel - Kacey Mushgraves photo by Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

Anna Sui Japan does Barbie as part of her Swinging Tokyo Collection!

Anna Sui, the well known US fashion designer, has launched a new project called "SWINGING TOKYO". Taking inspiration from the 1960s London street culture "Swinging London", which is the origin of her creation, she proposes a fashion that can be enjoyed freely and urbanely for the next generation of Tokyo. In this project, she initiated a collaboration with various other creatives. From May 1st, 2019 (Wednesday), sales begin at Isetan Shinjuku and the official online shop (Japan).


One of the project’s collections is a collaboration with Barbie. There are four types of dolls combined with an outfit designed by Anna Sui and an original mug, comprising a set of Barbie Doll and Anna Sui collection-ware that will be cherished by all ages. The combination of the catchy and girly world of both brands is a must-see for fans. Each set is sold for ¥21,600 (about US$194.00). There are some T-shirts too. The title below and all information are translated from the Japanese site.

Barbie and Girlish Chemical Reaction Collection 


According to the Japanese website, special items created from the "SWINGING TOKYO" project will start being sold sequentially at the Isetan Shinjuku Store and Anna Sui Official Online Shop from Wednesday, May 1st, 2019. I could not find any Barbie items online yet. The price is expensive for the doll quality: it is just a $5.00 play line doll repackaged in a Sui branded box. You do get an Anna Sui dress with her plus the mug but $190.00 for these is just too much. Remember that a Barbie collector designer doll is usually $100-150. And they are very limited. I wouldn’t pay even half the price for those sets, knowing of probably discard the doll. My favourite is the black dress with the bow. And for that price, they could have given each set a differently coloured mug, no?

© All photos 2019 Mattel. All Rights Reserved.


Mattel finally reveals the BTS dolls!

At the beginning of the year, Mattel announced that they would be releasing dolls made in the likeness of the KPop (Korean pop for those of you that do not know that kind of music) boy band BTS - seven guys who are very popular outside of Korea too, having topped Billboard 200 chart twice in 2018. They are touring the world this summer and the dolls are supposedly hitting the shelves either this summer or in September. They will be available worldwide and each doll will cost $19.99.


They look cute and definitely articulated, but the body/head proportions are off, like they are kids. They could be sporting the My Scene male body, which, if I remember correctly, is the same as Ken’s articulated one but with longer hands - and of course bigger head. The Mattel shop website, where the dolls are already uploaded, indicates they are 11” and have 11 points of articulation. The sculpts are original, one for each band member. The clothes they are wearing are from the video clip of their song IDOL, which premiered last August. You can sign up at the Mattel shop to get notifications about the upcoming release. I might try to get one, just to check out the outfit - I love the colourful costumes, unlike anything worn by male fashion dolls. Most of the clothes in real life are from well known fashion brands. For example the polka-dot shirt RM is wearing is by Comme Des Garçons, just like Jin’s sneakers (a Converse collaborartion). J-hope and Jung Kook’s sneakers are Valentino Hero Tribes, while V was wearing Walter Van Beirendonck shoes, which unfortunately were not made for the doll.


Yves Saint Laurent Barbie dolls - a dream come true

We had been teased for quite a while with images of the Yves Saint Laurent dolls, mainly from the instagram account @barbiestyle . At the beginning they were supposedly OOAK dolls, then it emerged that they would enter production. And now, finally, they are here. Available to buy at (only the pink and black gown available) for $150,00 each and, in Paris, at the department store Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche (not online). The release is in collaboration with the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris.


Let’s see what Mattel says about the collaboration:

With a shared passion for personal style, Barbie® honors French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent (b. 1936 - d. 2008), for his vast impact on women’s 20th century fashion. One of the greatest names in fashion history, Yves Saint Laurent invented the modern woman’s wardrobe: the pea-jacket and trenchcoat in 1962, the first tuxedo in 1966, the safari jacket and the pantsuit in 1967, and the first jumpsuit in 1968.

While constantly in search of simplicity, each collection was also a chance to bring his dreams to life. Fascinated by different cultures, nostalgic of a ‘lost time,’ he came up with dresses that transported the public to an imaginary elsewhere, from Russia to China, from India to Morocco. He also developed numerous garments directly referencing the artists he admired such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Vincent Van Gogh, and of course Piet Mondrian.

And now the dolls, one by one:


Barbie® Yves Saint Laurent Doll Mondrian dress


Paying homage to the visionary designer, Barbie® models Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Mondrian dress from the Autumn-Winter 1965 collection. The multi-colored knit dress recalls the Dutch artist’s sense of geometry, while a seamless patchwork and sleek back zipper reflect the designer’s keen attention to detail. Black heels with silvery buckles and pearly earrings finish the timeless look. This beautiful doll is presented in collaboration with the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris.


Collection: Barbie® Yves Saint Laurent Dolls

Label: Platinum Label®

Designer: Linda Kyaw

Release Date: 11/05/2018

Body Type: Model Muse


Fashion: Multi-colored geometric knit dress, pearly earrings, black heels

Eyelashes: Painted

Fashion Sewn On?: No

Included with doll: Earrings, dress, shoes, doll stand

Doll Stand: Yes

Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 16/9/5

Package Weight: 5.0706 lbs

SKU #: GCM97


I have been writing it time and time again but nothing changes - and it does not seem it ever will. Charging $150 for non-articulated dolls is preposterous. If Mattel cared about collector dolls, I mean really cared, they would have created a good articulated body, an evolution of their early pivotal one for example, to use for special dolls like these, that could be made to pose elegantly in a variety of poses as befits their high fashion style. Instead, one gets the Model Muse body, immovable, frozen like a statue, doing no service to the exquisite clothes it is wearing.


And yes, this is a gorgeous dress, not only being a miniature YSL dress but being faithful to the original. It is made of separate pieces making up the Mondrian pattern instead of a print, just like the real one was. The dress is lined and the quality is good. The detailed earrings and specially designed shoes complete it perfectly. More about the gorgeous box at the end of the post.


Barbie® Yves Saint Laurent Doll Safari Jacket


Paying homage to the visionary designer, Barbie® models Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic 1968 safari jacket. This garment was specifically created for Vogue (Paris) for a spread in their magazine. The desert-hued, front-laced safari jacket, which is inspired by clothing of westerners in Africa, includes a stylish hip-hugging O-ring belt. It’s a fresh, modernized look that features black knee-length shorts, jaunty sueded boots, and is topped with a floppy, fringed bush hat. This beautiful doll is presented in collaboration with the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris.


Collection: Barbie® Yves Saint Laurent Dolls

Label: Platinum Label®

Designer: Linda Kyaw

Release Date: 11/05/2018

Body Type: Model Muse


Fashion: Safari jacket, knee-length shorts, suede boots

Eyelashes: Painted

Fashion Sewn On?: No

Included with doll: Hat, earrings, boots, belt, blouse, shorts, doll stand

Doll Stand: Yes

Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 18/7/11

Package Weight: 5.0706 lbs

SKU #: FJH71


What a gorgeous rendition! The jacket is almost perfect, a fantastic recreation of the original, made famous in the iconic Verushka image, photographed for Vogue in 1968 (photo by Franco Rubartelli). Attention to detail is again good, with fabric boots and hat. Pity the Karl sculpt is not a match for Verushka’s face - I think each doll should have had a different sculpt.



Barbie® Yves Saint Laurent Doll Paris gown


Paying homage to the visionary designer, Barbie® models Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic ‘Paris’ evening gown from 1983. A ruched pink satin bodice culminates in the back with an oversized pink satin bow, while luxurious black velvet drapes to the floor with an elegant slit. Black pumps, red and black rhinestone bracelets and earrings, and an iridescent statement necklace are the finishing touches to this glamourous look. This beautiful doll is presented in collaboration with the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris.


Collection: Barbie® Yves Saint Laurent Dolls

Label: Platinum Label®

Designer: Linda Kyaw

Release Date: 11/05/2018

Body Type: Model Muse


Fashion: Evening gown with a ruched pink satin bodice, oversized satin bow, black pumps

Eyelashes: Painted

Fashion Sewn On?: No

Included with doll: Bracelets, earrings, necklace, doll stand

Doll Stand: Yes

Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 18/7/11

Package Weight: 5.0706 lbs

SKU #: FPV66

The Paris gown photographed by Gilles Tapie in 1983

The Paris gown photographed by Gilles Tapie in 1983


This is the only doll still available at the shop, so run if you want it. For me it is the least desirable from the trio, but still want to get it. Would have liked to see another iconic YSL dress though, from his later years, or even better the “Le Smoking” tuxedo.


Special mention goes to the box design, with the logo of the museum at the front and the Yves Saint Laurent info and photo inside, plus the fabric ribbon tie (like the Poppy Parker older boxes). Great job Mattel. I wish I could afford these.