Lauren Bacall doll by JAMIEshow dolls for their 5th anniversaryChicago 2015 convention

After Marlene Dietrich (who is also making a second appearance in the new JAMIEshow releases), the company picked another Hollywood legend to turn into a doll: Lauren Bacall. The doll was presented during their 5th anniversary collection and was an instant crowd favourite. There were two versions of her with the only difference being the colour of her gown: peach or lilac.

She looks a lot like the late actress but I think they could have done her eyebrows a bit more relaxed instead of having her scowl so intensely. The gown also looks like something out of her usual style - unless it is something from one of her films, it does not bring anything to mind though. I cannot wait to see her in another wig-cap with a hairstyle closer to that from her early film roles - and outfits to match.

All photos courtesy of George Gonzalez and JAMIEshow dolls.