Barbie and Missguided team up to sell out!

Barbie has collaborated many times with fashion brands in order to sell clothes or cosmetics - hey, they even sell their own fashions! Their latest collaboration is with global brand Missguided. It launched with the Barbie x Missguided collection, featuring jeans, cameo and millennial pink.  As Missguided mentioned on their website: "Barbie is THE ultimate female icon and her message is that girls can be anything they want. Our #babesofmissguided’s possibilities are endless, this is for the badass babes who can do anything".


The collection sold out in the first 24 hours - all 43 pieces of it! The company announced they will be re-stocking soon, so if you are interested, go to their website and sign up,for their newsletter.  


Of course they could not pass by the opportunity to make some Barbie sized outfits as well! No mention anywhere if theaw dolls will be released for sale, but after the success of the real clothes, who knows? Let's see the dolls one by one, as each has a distinct look, character and role in the Missguided team. The dolls were created by the super talented Magia2000 duo, Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi.


The Artworker Barbie is the art director of the bunch. Looks appropriately creative. 


The real life version of Artworker. 


Photographer Barbie, best of the bunch. Love the hair and sunglasses. She does have a camera, which makes her the only one of the team with appropriate tools for her trade. 


Real life version very close to the doll one. 


PR and Events Barbie looks a bit too teeny bopper for this kind of job.  


The real skirt looks much better than the miniature version. Plus jewellery! 


Social Media Barbie  does not have any kind of mobile device to justify her title. How is she going to post on Instagram with those headphones?


Her real life counterpart does not seem to care about posting on social media either. 


Creative Conceptualist Barbie gets so thirsty when thinking about campaigns and promotions that she has a water bottle with her. 


Would you like to see these dolls get a commercial release? 


All photos courtesy of Mattel and Missguided.