December to remember - a special invitation by Tonner Doll

Tonner Doll sent out today an invitation for a sale event at Best Western Plus in Kingston, NY, something they have done before. This time though they are clearing house, so they will be selling lots of prototype dolls. Full information in their text, below:


Dear Friends!

We're inviting YOU to an "Event" quite unlike anything we've ever hosted before!

Here's a bit of what's to come...
On Thursday, November 15, 2018, in just three days...we will send out an email with registration information (and a link) for signing up for this "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity."  Regonline is our hosting site for you to "sign" up as we've done for all our events in the past.  PLEASE NOTE, and READ CAREFULLY HERE, the registration will begin at 12 Noon Eastern time on Thursday, November 15, 2018th.  Once registration is complete (125 people maximum) we will conduct a lottery and assign entrance numbers to everyone.  Once you arrive and check in begins you'll receive your name badge and entry number and line up accordingly.  Ooooh, and the excitement begins!
For what you ask...

As you can see from the "snippets" below through images, we've collected quite an array of items over the years to rival even the most compulsive saver.  BUT we're turning over a new leaf and YOU get an opportunity to "peek into the Bat Cave" and take your pick from...
Never produced samples, assortments of dolls, and bodies, line products, pre-production samples, patterns, wigs, and outfits
Can you say TONS of fabric, swatch bags, trims, flowers, bits, bobs, beads, baubles and more
How about LIFE SIZE Robert Tonner Fashion Line Clothing (with a private tent for trying on)
Costumes from Conventions even, and perhaps holiday decorations
Doll furniture, props, foamboard/posters of your favorite characters, stands, bags, and books 
Puppies, kittens??  Okay, perhaps not...
Other ephemera YOU would never guess we have
When, Where? - The Event will be December 9, 2018, from 10am-2pm at the Best Western Plus in Kingston, New York. (Come on, you've been here before, join us won't you) Entrance is $25.00 AND includes a continental breakfast starting at 9am.  We will be allowing people into the room in groups of 25 for a defined period of time.

WE hope to see you there!

Team Tonner