Tonner Doll Mainline 2013 release: Precarious and Antoinette

The two top fashion lines for Tonner Doll are Precarious, which is the more recent, edgy one, and Antoinette, which is the younger but fashion forward line. I am grouping them together as they both had the smallest number of new releases this time. Oh, they do share the same body as well.

Price: $199.99
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LE 300

The Precarious Tamed dressed doll has the Precarious™ head sculpt on the Antoinette™ body with a Cameo skin tone. She has green painted eyes with applied eyelashes and mink non-removable wigged saran hair. She wears a green velvet bodysuit under a green velvet burnout jacket and skirt. To complete the look, she has a green beaded necklace, metallic green faux leather gloves with mesh backing, green tights, nude pantyhose and a pair of green faux leather shoes. She comes with a stand.

She is a beautiful doll. I love the colours both of the doll and the outfit. The cut of the outfit is not that great for me though, although the devoré velvet is gorgeous. She should have had a pair of earrings (preferably long ones) and a nice bag to complete this. Bags are really missing from Tonner outfits. Robert, are you listening? For these prices, they should be part of the outfit. The shoes are a bit tame for this look.

Think Pink Basic doll
Price: $124.99
Availability: Reserve yours now!
LE 500

The Precarious basic doll has the Precarious™ head sculpt on an Antoinette™ body with the Cameo skin tone. She has brown painted eyes with applied eyelashes and white removable wigged synthetic hair. She wears a pale pink bodysuit with metallic print, pale pink elastic strap platform shoes and pink metallic sunglasses. She comes with a stand.

Cute in an edgy way but nothing special. For a basic doll she is really good though.

Savage Basic Antoinette™
Price: $109.99
Availability: Reserve yours now!
LE 400

The Antoinette basic doll has the Antoinette™ head sculpt on an Antoinette™ body with the Cameo skin tone. She has hazel painted eyes and brown rooted saran hair. She wears a leopard print bodysuit over nude pantyhose, gold faux leather shoes and gold sunglasses. She comes with a stand.

The Antoinette line has only one basic doll and no dressed ones. She is a beautiful doll, with a lovely face and luscious hair. She should have had applied eyelashes though.

Enticing - Outfit only
Price: $99.99
Availability: Reserve yours now!
LE 200

There are two outfits for the line. They fit dolls such as Antoinette™, Cami & Jon™ but also Precarious. This one is a gold lamé dress with sequinned lace overlay and feathered skirt. It comes with gold shimmer tights and gold glitter shoes.

It is not my style but I love the feather skirt. Pity they did not release a close up of the shoes.

Fanciful - Outfit
Price: $149.99
Availability: Reserve yours now!
LE 200

The second outfit is a blue/purple iridescent semi-open back gown with flower and beaded decoration on the bodice and tiered skirt layers with a ruffle trim. Under the skirt is a white crinoline petticoat to keep the volume. It comes with matching faux leather shoes and beaded cluster earrings.

This one is quite an extravaganza! It reminds me of John Galliano's Dior gowns. It has lots of fabric, that is probably the reason for the pricing.

All photographs courtesy of Tonner Doll.

Tonner Fall holiday release Pt.2: Cami & Jon™ Collection

The other major fashion line of Tonner is the Cami & Jon™ Collection. This time around there are two dressed dolls and two outfits plus four basic dolls. There was also one Antoinette doll only so it will be shown here, at the end of this post.

First one is Definitely Downtown $179.99 Dressed doll LE 300. She has the Gina head sculpt and the 16" Antoinette™ body in the Tyler skin tone. She sports a brown removable wig of saran hair with red highlights and has green painted eyes. Her outfit consists of an off-white faux fur coat over a gold stretch knit top and bronze pattern faux leather pants with a gold chain belt. It is finished off with a pair brown faux leather shoes.

I love this one. Her face looks gorgeous (although if her eye make up was a bit darker she would looke ven better) and I like her big green eyes and red full lips. Her wig looks good here despite the highlights (which are tricky on doll hair) but would like to see it in real life to decide. But it is a wig, which means one can change her hair colour and style instantly.

Her outfit looks good too, even though fur is a no-no for me. My pet peeve: her dreary shoes. With this outfit she needed a pair of kick-ass boots, either in the brocade trimmed with fur or in a golden leather similar to her top in colouring. And where is her bag? Ladies need bags!

What's the Cami series without a Cami doll? Right. Here she is as New York Night $159.99 Dressed doll  LE 300. Of course she has the Cami head sculpt on the 16" Antoinette™ body in the Cameo skin tone with blonde rooted saran hair and green painted eyes. Her dress is made of white taffeta with blue/silver lace overlay and fastens with a white taffeta belt with a rhinestone buckle. It even has a white petticoat! Over it she wears a blue/silver lace bolero jacket with rhinestone decoration. Her accessories include white lace fingerless gloves, nude panty-hose with attached panties, beaded earrings and a pair of white faux leather strap sandals with rhinestone decoration.

She is cute, but overly cute for me. She has her fans though and she is one of the most beautiful Camis out there now. I love her hairdo and her eyes. Great make up too.

The outfit is nice but just that, nothing particularly exciting. Prom like even. 

First one of the outfits is called Always Some Place To Go $99.99  Outfit only  LE 300. It fits dolls such as Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette™ . It is a beige lace mermaid gown with multi-colored lace trim and multi-colored rhinestone accents Gold and multi-colored rhinestone earrings and bracelet plus a pair of beige faux leather open-toed pumps. Meh. This one looks so much like a bad rendition of Naomi on the cover of Time way back then. It is not a copy but ii instantly came to mind when I saw this.

The second outfit is called Manhattan Mood - $79.99 Outfit only  LE 300. Fits dolls such as Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette™. This one is a grey and white chiffon dress with black lace trim over a white slip. It includes black lace tights, a pair of  silver earrings, a silver rhinestone necklace and a pair of gunmetal grey faux leather shoes. 

This would have lookes so much better with different sleeves (pleated ones maybe) and a bold black or gunmetal silver stripe instead of the lace at the front. Love the necklace.

The one and only release for the Antoinette™  line is called Shimmer $174.99 Dressed Doll  LE 250. She has the Antoinette™ head sculpt and 16" Antoinette™ body in the Honey skin tone. Her eyes are painted brown and she sports brown rooted saran hair. Her dress is beige and silver lamé with beige and gold trim. She is wearing gold beaded earrings. nude panty-hose with attached panties (it does not show in the photo) and a pair of faux leather laced-up shoes to match.

I like this incarnation of Antoinette. Golden hues everywhere from head to toe. Her make up is classic but beautiful, her hair is a bit boring but OK (wonder how it will look pulled apart from her pony tail). Her dress is gorgeous. although the trim reeks of Bollywood (maybe she is a Bollywood star!). She looks Indian and I like that. More Indian ladies please.

Tonner Spring 2012 Mainline release: Cami, Jon & Antoinette

Continiouing the Tonner new collection presentation, this post features the Cami & Jon line as well as their more high fashion sister, Antoinette, with whom they share the same body. The Cami & Jon dolls are more hip and youth oriented. 

First up are the basics: the Cami basic doll with the Cami head sculpt (much too doll-like for my taste) and Antoinette™ body in the cameo skin tone with inset blue eyes (another pet peeve of mine). She has a medium brown center part removable saran wig. She comes with a 2-piece cotton jersey bra and panties set with lace trim. LE 600. Her friend Jon basic doll has the Jac #2 head sculpt and the Antoinette™ body with the honey skin tone. She has inset blue eyes and sports a raven centre part removable saran wig. She wears a 2-piece cotton jersey bra and panties set with lace trim. LE 400.



We all know Robert Tonner loves Steam-punk (check out the video of those steam-punk dolls here) so it was only a matter of time to translate that to the fashion line: Steam Funk Cami is a dressed doll with the Lily skin tone and a medium brown centre part saran removable wig with bangs, sporting green inset eyes. Her faux leather dress has faux gold stud details and she even has an eye patch! The outfit is completed with a faux leather belt, a pair of  matching gauntlets, pantyhose with attached panties and dark brown faux suede back zip boots. LE 300. If it used red and black velvet and had a nice metal corset attached I would be in line to get her. Her belt looks a bit too big (the scale of the holes might be the problem).

Now lets get back to proper fashion: The Soho Sheer Dressed doll has the Cami head sculpt and the cameo skin tone. She has rooted curled golden pale blonde saran hair with centre part and grey/blue painted eyes. A proper angel! She wears a silver lamé mini slip dress under a chiffon tank dress - I hope it shows more in real life! To complete her look, she sports some sheer pantyhose , a multi strand chain and bead necklace, matching beaded bracelet and golden faux leather strappy boots with back zip. LE 300. Gorgeous doll.

Next up is the Skyline Dressed doll. Again it's Cami, this time with rooted dark brown saran hair, crimped and pulled up at the sides. She has green painted eyes (so much better than inset ones). Her outfit consists of a deep red sleeveless dress with a cowl neckline under a black crepe unlined coat with button lapel details (finally some sorely missed army inspiration). She sports sheer pantyhose with attached panties, a pair of black beaded earrings and black faux leather side zip boots. LE 300.

Of course there is a Jac dressed doll! And she's called All Business. She has rooted dark brown straight hair  pulled back in a ponytail and brown painted eyes. She wears an off-white silky tank dress under a grey/silver slip over dress with  a ruffled hem. Over all this she has a lined, printed brocade coat. Completing the look is sheer pantyhose with attached panties, a bead and chain multi strand necklace, matching beaded earrings and a pair of beaded black faux leather strappy sandals. LE 300.

Some outfits are included in the line as well. Most impressive is the Deep Pink Dream outfit. It is a deep pink (duh) satin and chiffon fishtail gown with nice draping details. It comes with a pair of black lace gauntlets, black rhinestone earrings and deep pink satin pumps. LE 300.

The New York Jet outfit is a black taffeta cocktail dress accessorized with a black rhinestone necklace, matching black rhinestone bracelet and black faux leather strappy heels with organza trim. It comes with a black short saran wig with bangs which adds to the New York style. LE 300. The centre draping is not my favourite as it always reminds me of those bordello-style curtains. Maybe it would look better in chiffon with a much smaller drape.

Little Red Riding Hood is in the house (I can see Ruby from Once Upon A Time wearing this)! The Dynamic Red outfit is a red knit fit and flare sleeveless dress with black shoulder straps under a red knit cropped duffle jacket. Of course there is the red knit hood with shiny faux leather trim. It comes with seriously glam black stretch over the knee boots. LE 300.

Antoinette is the haute couture "big sister" to Cami & Jon. She has always intricately made fashions and more outré make up and hair than her younger peers. Let's see what the line has this year.

First is a line-up of three basics: the Antoinette basic (Blonde, Brunette or Redhead) has the cameo skin tone and painted light brown (Blonde) /blue (Brunette) /Grey (Redhead) eyes. The dolls have side part rooted saran wheat blonde - mink - copper brown hair (respectively). They all wear a pale pink side ruffle cotton knit camisole and pale pink cotton knit panty. LE 500.

This time there is only one dressed doll: Flourish has brown painted eyes and rooted saran golden blonde up-do. She wears a frothy pink-on-pink striped chiffon gown with a front beaded belt. The look is topped off with a pink flower petal hat. She has pink faux gem earrings, sheer pantyhose with attached panties and a pair of pink faux leather strappy sandals. LE 300.

The Desire outfit consists of a black bustier with attached sleeves and multiple mixed trims and a black, side slit multi-fabric ruffled skirt with train. It comes complete with black fishnet stockings, a ribbon choker, a tiny beaded cocktail hat, a pair of black lace gauntlets and black lace trimmed short boots. LE 150. She reminds me of my favourite Tonner doll, Ghost of Christmas Future.

The second outfit is literally Sparkling: a silver satin trapeze jacket with 3/4 sleeves and rhinestone buttons over a silver stretch strapless fitted dress. The accessories include a silver bead choker necklace, matching silver earrings, a pair of silver stretch gloves and silver strappy sandals. LE 300. I find the jacket too puffy and the dress a bit boring. The chunky necklace with the jacket stand up collar will not look that good.

Last, but not least, is the Winterberry outfit. Finally a suit! The ox-blood red wool jersey suit has a slim skirt and a faux leather belt with golden buckle.Accessories include a pair of golden earrings, ox-blood tights and matching satin short boots. There is also (surprise!) a bag! Topping it off: an ox-blood red hat. LE 300.

From the Cami line my pick is Soho Sheer. From Antoinette I would love the Desire dress without the puffy sleeves but only with the doll that models it, she looks gorgeous.

Tonner Dolls Spring 2012 mainline collection release: Precarious

On the 21st of March, the Tonner 2012 Mainline collection was release to the public. I think it is one of the strongest Tonner showings in ages (for fashion dolls) even though it does not include a single Tyler or Sydney to be seen! This first part is dedicated to their new fashion line, the very avant-garde fashion collection named Precarious™ .

Firs up is the Party Girl dressed doll. This is one of the most beautiful dressed dolls from Tonner in recent years. The face is the new Precarious™ head sculpt - all the dolls in this line have it. It is not a great sculpt, suffering from the classic Tonner problem: too wide. Their best sculpts usually are the narrow ones (like the old Daphne). I feel this line would have been perfect if it had such a sculpt to show. Her body is the Antoinette™ body, with the cameo skin tone. Her eyes are painted silver-blue and have applied eyelashes (another thing I love here - most Tonner dolls miss eyelashes sorely) They do look a it off though, I hope the production dolls have better lashes. Her hair is platinum rooted saran hair, pulled back in a high ponytail, secured with a loop of braided dark hair. And the fashion? Exquisite! A beaded neck brocade gown with eyelash chiffon skirt over silver stretch tights. I love this, very McQueen. She wears a crystal and pearl bracelet and silver faux leather platform shoes. A pair of earrings would have been nice. LE 300 dolls.

Next up is the Scandal Dressed doll, another favourite of mine. Again sporting the Precarious™ head sculpt and Antoinette™ body with cameo skin tone. Her eyes are painted light brown with applied eyelashes and she has black rooted saran hair piled up high on her head. She is wearing a black glitter/sparkle peplum jacket (all the rage this spring, structured like this or more flou) with beaded neck and cuffs and a sheer embroidered skirt with sequins. Her accessories are black and silver beaded earrings, rhinestone sewn on brooches, black sheer pantyhose and a pair of black sparkle heel-less shoes Lady Gaga would love. LE 300 dolls.

The Intriguing Dressed doll is the most outrageous of them all. Same Precarious™ head sculpt and Antoinette™ body nt the cameo skin tone. Her blue painted eyes with applied eyelashes match her eccentric Peacock blue rooted saran hair that look like a maharajah's turban with the jewel at the front. She is dressed in a sleeveless blue and gold lace full body cat suit under a blue rose embroidered net cape made of tulle. She sports a satin tie belt, blue crystal and gold earrings, a matching blue crystal and gold ring, beaded crystal and gold necklace and matching bracelet. Her blue suede shoes are heel-less pumps. She's amazing. If the coat was not tulle (but organza or chiffon) and she had another face I would get her in an instant. LE 300.

There is a basic doll included in the line, called Simply Precarious. She has of course the Precarious™ head sculpt with the Antoinette™ body in the cameo skin tone, painted blue eyes with applied eyelashes and black and white up-do saran wig - so no rooted hair here. She comes also with a  Real Red saran wig with long red hair and bangs, so two wigs included for this doll - instant look change! She is wearing a white lace front sleeveless top with pale pink bow over black tights and black platform wedge sandals. LE 500

Luckily there are some outfits to put on the basic doll as well: first up is the Swing Time outfit. Obviously it will also fit dolls as Cami & Jon™, Antoinette™ and of course the Precarious™ line it belongs to. It consists of a flame red jersey dress, a matching flame red sculpted hat, black tights and black strappy platform sandals. So very 80s in a 2012 way. I love the shoulder detail. LE 300

Second in line is the Decadence outfit. It is a painted cotton canvas dress with an attached lamé halter detail and the skirt is slit at the front. It fastens with a beige pink lamé belt with a rhinestone buckle. There are rhinestone earrings, painted cotton canvas gauntlets, beige pink sparkle tights and a pair of beige pink faux leather strappy platform shoes. Looks late 60s/early 70s but for the waist. I wonder how the gloves will stay put this way. LE 300. 

Last but not least is the best one: the Anything Goes outfit. only. Over a black jersey tank bodysuit and a pair of black faux leather "jeans" comes an incredible black burnout velvet cape with detachable crinkle yarn hood. I wish the whole cape was crinkle yarn, it would be perfection! There is a tie-on rhinestone necklace, a  jet bead belt, a pair of black gloves and black on black brocade zip boots. LE 300.

I think this is a great looking line with much potential. It is more focused fashion-wise then the rest of the fashion lines, as it has a more coherent look and feel. Hope to see more in the future.

Tonner Dolls at IDEX 2012: more dolls

Nu Mood is not the only line of dolls previewed by Tonner at IDEX 2012. More lines got additional dolls and outfits and I include here the fashion dolls and some facourite picks from the other lines (films and superheroes).Remember this is just a preview, and the balance of the Mainline Release will be revealed in late February/early March (dates TBA). It will include DeeAnna Denton™ on a brand new body, Cami & Jon™, Antoinette™, and the brand new fashion line known as Precarious!

The Freedom for Fashion line is the Asian themed/styled fashion doll line from Tonner. It got two new rreleases, Akemi and Neo Tokyo. Both are dressed dolls, Asian sculpts and very fashion forward. I love Asian dolls but these two are not my cup of tea, mainly for two reasons: Akemi's too funky outfit and boring ponytail (last year's was much better) and the eyes are painted with a very upwards slant that looks weird. particularly on Akemi. Maybe a future release will fix that, unless it's a promo doll only thing. Gorgeous shoes.

Cami is another Tonner fashion doll line that has new entries at IDEX: a doll and one outfit. She looks great, as usual. To my mind, Antoinette is the high fashion doll and Cami is the pret-a-porter one.

Just Right Cami 

Just Right Cami close up

Soho Jaunt outfit

The Antoinette line has another basic doll, the Goth Antoinette released, plus two outfits. Goth looks amazing, one of the best Antoinette dolls released so far.

Goth Antoinette 

Starshine outfit.

Radical Red outfit (if this is a Cami one, please correct me). Not radical enough but looks lovely.

Apart from the fashion dolls, new additions came for one of my favourite Tonner lines, the Gone With The Wind franchise. Two new dolls (although I would much rather have the outfits only, how many Scarlett dolls can one collection have?).

This is the wedding dress from Scarlett's first marriage in the film. It was her mother's, hence it is supposed to look a bit big on her. I think it does look as it should but her hair do is wrong. It should have looked fuller at the bottom and sides, with a more pronounced centre part as shown in the movie still. Also notice the "pannier" look of the skirt in the original, instead of the fuller A line on the doll. 

This is the Heartbroken doll, with the blue velvet rob trimmed with fur and the night gown underneath. The fur was darker in the original, probably black or dark blue/grey as one can see in the photo of the original robe. It is a gorgeous outfit and would love to have it.

In their super hero series, Tonner releases Elektra, one of my favourite Marvel ladies. She looks stunning and I already pre-ordered her.

Another stunning doll is the Corpse Bride, from Tim Burton's film. I recall that there was one Bride doll released alongside the film, in 16" or 17" size that was a perfect copy but too expensive. This one is rather an interpretation of it, still impressive, with a gown to die for. I do not like the Monica Merill sculpt - too doll like for my taste. But the doll looks incredible. She has the curvaceous body.

The fun doll in this release is definitely the Ms. Beetlejuice doll - a female version of Tim Burton's Beetlejuice! She shares the same body and sculpt of Corpse Bride. The outfit is again incredible. 

With so many lovely dolls previewed, I cannot wait for the rest of the mainline Tonner release, later in the year, it promises to be exciting!

All photos courtesy of Tonner Dolls. Please note: Any design element, including but not limited to fabrics, face painting styles, body styles and/or hair colors may be subject to change during production.