Phyn And Aero shutting down at the end of March 2019

Robert Tonner communicated a letter that describes his decision to shut down his latest company, Phyn And Aero at the end of this month, citing production problems like rising costs and increasingly long lead times. Here it is in its entirety.

My Dear Friends,

As I stated back in January, the only thing you can count on is change, and I'm afraid I must change course yet again. As much as I've always loved manufacturing, on-going production issues have continued to wear me down, and as a result, Phyn & Aero will cease operating as of March 31st. Please know, when I refer to production issues, I'm referring to continuing rising costs and ever-growing lead times. I've always been proud of the fine work done by the factories—they care about the product every bit as much as I have—and the wonderful people we work with are as disappointed as I. Please know that this was not an easy decision for me or for us, nor a decision made lightly.

This decision, however, does create an opportunity for you to secure the last of any Phyn & Aero product. This includes Lila, Annora, Kadira and Nancy Ann—some of which have just arrived. Look for discounts on the product, but please note there will be no returns nor refunds. Also, should you order a Kadira item look for a little "freebee" in your box!

Please note, the Phyn & Aero website will be accessible through April but mainly to print off any images or descriptions you may want to retain.

As strange as this may seem under the circumstances, I am introducing a new doll—Rayne. I've attached our sell sheet from Toy Fair to explain what she is all about. The Shapeways store will be open, with at least a couple of pieces to order, by the end of the month (please refer to the sell sheet—this will make more sense). The dolls will be available thru a select group of retailers that are listed on our website, (be sure and click the link at the bottom of our site).

My new portfolio web-site, showcasing my current and past doll/figure designs and sculpting, will be up in a few days. Please check it out. (

Some great news—just because I'm closing P&A that doesn't mean that Kadira will be going away. Andrew Yang will be continuing to promote and develop Kadira and would be thrilled to hear from you. He can be reached at

So, you may ask, what the heck am I going to do now that I'll be out of the doll business? Well, I may be out of manufacturing, but I'm certainly not leaving the doll world. I'm working with various companies on freelance projects—and I've even signed a deal to do human (not doll) handbags and jewelry. So, I'll be around. Be sure to check out my new web-site and friend me on Instagram.

I can't tell you all what a wonderful ride this has been. The events, the parties, Toy Fair, the Magazines, and mostly you—the collectors—have made this entire doll world experience more than I could have imagined it to be. I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the fun, friendship and the mutual love of this hobby—doll collecting.



The doll he mentions in the letter, Rayne, is not available anywhere for the moment, as his new website is not yet up and running. Nor is any photograph of her included in the document linked in the email, just her description and possibilities. Here is that document complete:

Just who is Rayne?

Rayne is your creative muse, your personal fashion model, your fashion canvas. She’s the realistic 16” fashion figure of your dreams.

She’s a beautiful doll but what makes her so special?

Sculpted by renowned and award-winning doll designer Robert Tonner, Rayne is a 16” realistic fashion figure with 15 points of articulation. She’s made of the finest hard plastic and vinyl with rooted saran hair (or unrooted for wigs).

So, she’s a normal fashion doll.

Not so fast. It’s not what we, the manufacturers have created but what you will do with Rayne that will really set her apart.

I’ll explain: Rayne arrives in a basic set of sport underwear and shoes just like a normal basic doll. However, that’s where the similarities with other commercial fashion dolls ends. How you dress and style her is up to you.

Again, like any other fashion doll so what makes her so different?

Simply, 3D printing technology.

You’ll be able to go to the Shapeways website at and shop in the R. Tonner Design store where you’ll find many accessories such as shoes, breastplates, cuffs, hats, sculpted wigs, jewelry, historical foundations and much more—all designed and sculpted just for Rayne. New styles will be added all the time. Pick the accessory you’d like for Rayne and order it in the material that suits Rayne’s style. How about a pair of purple pumps? Or a transparent, form fitting breastplate? Jewelry in real gold? Sure, why not? You can even order a plastic accessory that you can paint, decorate or even bedazzle! It’s easy and fun to do. You just go on the Shapeways site, pick the style you like, pick a material and color and order. It’s just that easy and your accessory is made exclusively for you and shipped directly to your home.

How about clothing?

I’m glad you asked! Patterns for easy to make outfits for Rayne will be available in March/April on the R. Tonner Design ( site to download.

Become a part of 3D printing technology revolution and enjoy an enhanced doll collecting experience--welcome to the creative world of Rayne!


I had no interest in any of the Phyn And Aero products, but the Tonner Outlander and Wonder Woman dolls are some of the best he released and would have loved to see more of them. Unfortunately it does not seem to be possible anymore.

The end of an era: Tonner Doll company shuts down

I was expecting to begin the new year with happier news, but unfortunately that is not the case. Robert Tonner announced in an email that Tonner Doll shut down with the end of 2018. Of course it was to be expected, after the restructuring of his business and his focus on Phyn & Aero, which left Tonner Doll only with licensed product, which was obviously not as commercial as it should. Licensing has the fees sucking out most of the profits, and if a company deals only with such a sector, it needs to have mass production and a wide array of product to be sust, something Tonner Doll had not. I’ll always cherish the Tonner dolls I own, and hopefully will acquire some more in the future. From now own, doll collectors will follow his endeavours with his other company, Phyn & Aero. Below is his letter. 


 My Dear Friends,

I was lucky enough to start Tonner Doll at a point when it seemed that everyone was collecting, making, buying or selling dolls.  At the same time, the Far East was willing and eager to produce whatever we wanted at a price that couldn’t be beat.    High demand and inexpensive, quality production led to the golden age of collectible dolls and great success for Tonner Doll.

It’s often said that the only thing you can count on is change; I whole heartedly agree with that statement.  I could go on and on about the changes in the collectible doll industry, but in short, the business model that I used to build Tonner Doll is no longer viable or sustainable.  Therefore, Tonner Doll Company (including the Tonner Doll web site, doll hospital, phones and emails) was closed as of December 31, 2018.


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”
― Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato

I’m very excited that Phyn & Areo will continue with a brand-new business model, one that addresses some of the changes mentioned above and we will be exploring new ways of doing business.  Through Phyn and Aero, I’ll be working directly with our favorite retailers to create unique and exclusive dolls (look for the first Ellowyne out this Spring).  I will continue to design for and attend events throughout the year (Dollology, Shaker Doll Club, Doll Circle and UFDC to name a few).  At Phyn and Aero I will also continue to develop new product; we’ll be doing small batch, design driven products.  Rayne, a new character with unique (and I mean unique) accessories will debut around Toy Fair.  In addition, I am working on design projects with other companies (I just did a huge amount of work for FAO; that was both a challenge and a delight).  I think it’s going to be a very busy, very exciting 2019!

Over these past 28 years I have had to honor to meet, work with and befriend some of the most wonderful people there are—doll collectors, doll lovers and doll retailers.  I want you to know how deeply I’ve appreciated our journey together—and here’s to a bright, exciting, shiny, new future!


P.S.  Starting today, please visit our website at or call us at 845-802-5552.  You can also reach us through


All photos courtesy of Tonner Doll.  

Phyn And Aero dolls first release

One of the new ways that Robert Tonner will release dolls from now on is the Phyn And Aero brand, in collaboration with Andrew Yang. They just made their first official release available to order, so let's see what are these dolls all about. One of the characters, Annora Monet, is designed by Robert, while another, Kadira, who will be released later in the year, is by Andrew Yang. The dolls are resin and ball-jointed. Their styling falls somewhere between character dolls and fashion dolls. They all come with their own storyline, which you can read in the company website. The whole thing is like a revamp of their Deja Vu line, with much better sculpts and in resin. There are three dolls, three outfits and you can buy separately sets of eyes. The brand also makes an effort to give doll artists the opportunity to collaborate with Robert Tonner, releasing their doll through it.

P17AMBD01 – Annora Monet # 1

Annora comes in a cotton cami with shirred detail and matching bloomer pants.  She wears a pair of floral boots and lace tights. 
Resin ball-jointed doll with 19 points of articulation (double jointed at elbow and knee)
Deep rose saran removable wig
GR-03 Dark brown eyes
White cotton, front shirred cami with a silk floral trim
White cotton bloomers
White lace tights
Floral front lace boots
Item shown is a prototype. Final production item may vary in appearance.
$350.00/LE 100

P17AMBL01 – Resin Blank
$295.00/Open Edition

There is also an Annora resin blank doll, ready for customising.  Paired with a set of Annora’s eyes (purchased separately) Annora can be turned into the doll of your creative dream.  Annora Resin Blank has 19 points of articulation.

P17AMBD02 – Deluxe Basic

Resin ball-jointed doll with 19 points of articulation (double jointed at elbow and knee)
Long black saran removable wig with bangs
B-09 Topaz eyes
Second head with face up has removable wig - red with black undertones, cropped with bangs
CC-10 Chestnut brown eyes
Third set GR-01 Dark blue eyes
Soft yellow satin slip with pleated demi-skirt and silk floral trim
Matching knit striped over-the-knee stockings
Gold silk slides with silk floral trim
Item shown is a prototype. Final production item may vary in appearance.
$550.00/LE 75

P17AMDD01 – Strength of Character

Annora steps out in a romantic/gothic inspired rouched dress of black taffeta with soft suede boots.  A spray of ebony silk roses and a lace bow are around her neck.  
Resin ball-jointed doll with 19 points of articulation (double jointed at elbow and knee)
Bleached white crop removable wig
CB-01 Ice blue eyes
Black rouched dress with knit lace sleeves, ruffle trim and rhinestone pin at belt
Black suede boots (not as shown)
Black lace choker
Fabric rose head band in black
Item shown is a prototype. Final production item may vary in appearance.
$475.00/LE 100

P17AMOF05 - She Persisted/Outfit Only

Modelled on Deluxe Basic
Dotted peach net dress with black lace trim and embroidered, sequined emblem decoration
Black knit lace tights
Black ankle boots
Item shown is a prototype. Final production item may vary in appearance.
$75.00/LE 75

P17AMOF02 – Fantasmagoria/Outfit Only

Modelled on Deluxe Basic
Three Separate Pieces Only, modelled on a dress sold separately (see below)
Printed “tweed” coat with velvet trim and contrast lining
Inverted bag velvet hat with vintage look brooch accent
Black vintage look fur stole
Item shown is a prototype. Final production item may vary in appearance.
$75.00/LE 75

P17AMOF01 – Kaleidoscope/Outfit Only

Modelled on Deluxe Basic
Black fishnet t-shirt
Multi-colored sequined tank
Tiered multi-color metallic print skirt
Black lace knit tights
Black lace up ankle boots
Item shown is a prototype. Final production item may vary in appearance.
$89.00/LE 75

All Annora Monet items are expected to begin shipping in late July, 2017.  You can pay in full at the time of ordering or you can request a layaway plan with a series of three payments.  You can contact Phyn And Aero at 844-361-8429 (domestic), 845-802-5552 (international) or via email at All photos courtesy of Phyn And Aero.

The transformation of Tonner Dolls and a new company: Phyn And Aero

Yesterday Rober Tonner e-mailed registered Tonner Doll members the following letter:

Tonner’s 25th Anniversary Year re-cap:
2016 has been, perhaps, the most momentous year of my life. Celebrating 25 years of creating dolls and accessories was really kind of humbling. Culling through photographs of past events and seeing the faces of people getting so much joy out of the dolls and events we’ve produced was truly heartwarming. It reminds me yet again of how lucky I’ve been to enjoy a hobby that turned into a career and a business.
I’ve frequently been asked what have been the greatest accomplishments of my last 25 years in this business and there are definitely some standouts:
-My first New York Toyfair, sitting at a single table in our tiny booth and selling out everything I brought in the first few hours.
-The first Tyler Wentworth dolls arriving at our warehouse and eventually shipping to retailers.
-The Betsy McCall and Mary Engelbreit licensed products that were so cherished and charming.
-Being the only company to produce Harry Potter dolls for six years.
-Ellowyne Wilde and the creation of Wilde Imagination, which allowed me to move in an entirely new direction.
-All of the employees who have supported me along the way, whether they believed in what I was doing, or not!
Currently, I’m spending a great deal of time learning (and hopefully mastering) some very new computer sculpting programs that, combined with state-of-the-art production capabilities, provide an entirely new method of creating dolls. I call it the “New Art of Doll Making™” and I’m really excited about what we’ll be doing in 2017 and beyond. It’s also awakened a pioneering spirit in me again and I’ve decided it’s time to completely re-think what we offer to collectors. Therefore, although Tonner will continue to make all of our established licensed products such as DC, Gone with the Wind, Outlander, etc., all of our proprietary lines, as well as those of Effanbee and Wilde Imagination, are being discontinued.
A new company is being launched and it’s called Phyn & Aero. We will be introducing three new lines in 2017 in collaboration with innovative (and incredibly talented) new designers. I really feel it’s time to broaden our perspectives and see what some fascinating (and younger!) designers create for our collectors. I believe the collector market needs a major shake-up and I’m quite sure this will be it!
As always, I’m so grateful for all the love and support you’ve shown to me over the years. I am also terrifically excited about the direction we’re heading in and hope you will join us along the way in this new, incredibly exciting adventure!

It looks like the company we knew and loved is no more. It will continue to produce only the licensed dolls (who know for how long, until the licences expire? And will we finally see Empire dolls?) but no more fashion dolls, no more Tyler Wentworth, Marley or any other fashion doll line. It is quite an unceremonious end for Tyler and family and it makes me feel sad as she was one of my first, if not the very first fashion doll I got. The new company, Phyn and Aero, will probably have new fashion dolls, so I am curious to see how that goes.