Winner of the Integrity Toys 2017 International Design Competition announced!

Last year was the first time that Integrity Toys made their annual design competition open to everyone in the world instead of only Convention attendees. The results were only just announced, after a process that begun with the company designers picking fourteen semi-finalists and then 2017 W Club members voting their favourite. The winner of course gets to see their creation made into a production doll in the coming months! The panel of Integrity Toys' designers voted for the Honorable Mention Winner.

The Production Winner (Chosen by 2017 W Club Members)
A new prototype based on this doll will be made and 2018 Club members will be able to pre-order it later in the year, once that prototype is complete.

The Winner is: Passion Week by Vasilen Milkov!


Passion Week


Designed by Vasilen Milkov


About Vasilen and his creation (in his own words)
My name is Vasilen. I am from Bulgaria and I live in Sofia. I have studied Fashion Design at the National Academy of Arts and now I work as a fashion stylist for music videos, editorials and wardrobe for tv commercials. I love my job and dolls help me spread and train my imagination. I like dolls resembling runway models or such with fashion editorial spirit. Clean and versatile looks, yet modern and unique.
I am a big fan of Kyori Red Blooded Woman's dress and the whole fashion that comes with it. It is really bold and powerful design with complicated but yet clean couture elements. I decided to take my chances with a day look which a fashion editor or a celebrity model would wear attending fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, London or New York. At least that was the story in my head which helped me develop the look. My intention was to create a fashion with play - mix and match potential in which every piece is strong by itself (still balanced in the outfit) and could bring some edge combined with more plain pieces. Something that I would love to get as a collector!

I’m so happy that Vasilen won! I always admired his work (and own one of his sublime creations) and most of you should know him as part of the valeyofdolls duo I had interviewed for the May 2016 issue of Haute Doll magazine. His design was by far the best of the bunch and won deservedly. Congratulations Vasilen!

The Honorable Mention Winner Is…Regina by Saturn Zixing Huang!



Designed by Saturn Zixing Huang


About Saturn and his creation
Saturn Zixing Huang is a college student learning towards his bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. He is based in Yantai, China. For him, it was a destined encounter to meet dolls made by Integrity Toys about three years ago. The Integrity girls instantly became muses for Saturn to turn his long-held passion for fashion and dolls into creativity. He has been honing his artistry in repainting, re-rooting, and making doll fashions and accessories ever since. Saturn is keen on integrating new technologies into his projects whenever possible- he employed 3D printing to make doll shoes inspired by Alexander McQueen.

Saturn did a great job with his evening gown, although I find the front lower end a bit unfinished and awkward. He is very talented and I’m certain we’ll see more gorgeous dresses from him. I’d love to see his graphic design incorporated in his clothes.

What do you think about the winners? Whom did you vote for? Will you be interested in buying the winning entry? Let me know in the comments.