Six young fashion designers dress Barbie for her 60th anniversary- British Vogue in collaboration with Mattel

Celebrating  Barbie’s 60th anniversary, British Vogue invited six leading young designers to dress the icon in their signature style. Here are the photographs of the designers and their models, read the full story here.


Matty Bovan

A wealth of artisanal techniques have been incorporated into the costume for his intricately constructed Barbie: hand-padded and sewn into her dress with golden Japanese yarn, she is the miniature embodiment of his magpie eclecticism. “It’s kind of like Barbie couture,” Bovan reflects. “I wanted her to have the same energy that my runway clothes have... She’s epic.”



Her Barbie is dressed in a miniature evolution of Mowalola’s spring/summer 2020 collection, with backcombed hair by Virginie P Moreira and make-up created by Daniel Sallstrom (using a miniature paintbrush), “she is a Mowalola superhero,” Ogunlesi grins. “She’s strong and captivating and ready to have a really good time. I want to be wherever she’s going.”


Richard Malone

“Barbie is a businesswoman – and a lot of the women I work with are too, but they don’t dress like men in suits; fashion is a part of their identity. I wanted to show that Barbie could wear a runway look but still live her everyday life and remain the boss that she truly is.”


Art School

Eden Loweth & Tom Barratt’s “non-binary Barbie” offers a perfect example of their take on figure-skimming glamour. “Art School is about making clothes that are really tolerant, that will stand with someone throughout their life, and as they evolve as in their own identity.”


Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

His Barbie (“Let’s call her ‘Wee Hen’,” he decrees in a Glaswegian drawl) exemplifies that spirit: dressed in a replica of the closing look from his spring/summer 2018 collection, which drew upon the history of cross-dressing through the ages, she is, in his words, “wearing the most fabulous piece ever.” “It took a whole week – but just looks like the actual dress!” he exclaims. “I’m really proud of her.”


Supriya Lele

Growing up besotted by Barbie (“I was an only child, so I had about 40”), Lele’s first venture into design was creating custom wardrobes for her – now things have come full circle, as she precisely scaled the measurements of one of her autumn/winter 2019 looks to suit Barbie’s size. In fact, so perfectly is her neon outfit reconfigured that even the pockets are fully operational. “I felt like a child again,” she grins. “But now I have an incredible pattern-cutter to help.”

Photography Credits:
Photographer: Stas Komarovski. Stylist: Poppy Kain. Art Direction: Dom Kelly. Hair: Yumi Nakada-Dingle. Make-Up: Thomasin Waite. Nails: Lauren Michelle Pires. Set Design:Andrew Clarkson. Production: Verity Cousins.

Photos and text courtesy of British Vogue and Mattel.

Barbie Fashion Icons hits the Milan catwalk again

It's autumn so fashion weeks are running one after another, from New York to London to Milan and Paris. Vogue Italia, in collaboration with Mattel and fashion designers, once again organised a Barbie Fashion Icons exhibition along Milan Fashion Week at Palazzo Morando from the 21st of September.

The fashion designers this time are:

  • Massimo Giorgetti for Emilio Pucci
  • Alessandra Facchinetti for Tod’s
  • Alessandro Dell’Acqua for Rochas
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Creative Team
  • Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant for Courrèges
  • Lorenzo Serafini for Philosophy
  • Arthur Arbesser for Iceberg
  • Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi for Fay
  • Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli
  • Veronica Etro for Etro

The designers picked their preffered version of the doll, curvy, petite, tall etc. and created a unique fashion for her, showcasing their brand's vision for Barbie. Matching accessories were also designed and made. The results are sublime and once again prove how creative the doll world can become. 

Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli

The September issue of Vogue Italia also had an interview with Richard Dickson, President and CEO of Mattel. A small sample of the article is here.

Lorenzo Serafini for Philosophy

The magazine issue also features the photo shoot on a special thick paper four page insert while their Vogue Talents supplement also features a full page feature with the second photo.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua for Rochas

Arthur Arbesser for Iceberg

Alessandra Facchinetti for Tod’s

Massimo Giorgetti for Emilio Pucci

Salvatore Ferragamo Creative Team

Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant for Courrèges

Veronica Etro for Etro

Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi for Fay

All photos courtesy of Mattel and Vogue Italia. Photography and set design by Adrian Gidi.