Agnes Von Weiss wearing Dressmaker Details Couture

Some time ago, back in 2007, Dressmaker Details Couture released a lovely giftset exclusively through Mary T's Dollhouse on-line shop. It was called Twinkle Tweed and was comprised of three different outfits made up of interchangable seperates. I have already photographed two of them on Kyori and Vanessa, so here is the third outfit on High Gloss Agnes Von Weiss.

The outfit is made of two pieces, a halter neck blouse and a tulle skirt. The blouse is black knit with silver thread ("twinkle"), has a cowl neck and looks lovel accesorized with the black thread and pearls long necklace included in the outfit's accessories. It will also look great with the other skirts of the giftset (it comes actually threaded through the decolletage, but you can pick it off easily).The full skirt is made of synthetic black satin with tiers of black tulle sewn on it. The tulle has many silver paillettes sewn on it, making the skirt sparkle. It looks very fifties, especially with the black simple clutch bag and pumps that come in the giftset. The elegant gloves complete the chic image of Agnes. Black and white earrings set off her pale complexion to perfection.

The outfit is not lined, so I would advise you to be carefull with it for staining, although my Agnes did not have any problems with it as long as she had it on. The quality of the work is excellent with lots of attention to details, although it would have been perfect if it was lined and if the skirt fabric did not feel so much plastic as it does.

And of course Agnes could not be long without a Vogue cover, I think she really deserves this!

Fashion Royalty: Metal Maven Vanessa Perrin

Vanessa Perrin is one of the hottest faces in the Fashion Royalty roster. Each and every one of the dolls with her face become instant collectibles, dolls not to be missed by Jason Wu fans. The basic Vanessa doll from this year's Glamorous collection is not an exception.

Vanessa comes dressed in golden toned faux leather corset and shorts, much like Kyori and the other basic dolls of this collection. The already familiar from Kyori boots with laces complete the ensemble. Her rust blonde coloured hair match the outfit and make her look even more glamorous. Gathered in a high ponytail and cascading down her back in big curls, they look sensuous and sexy.

Her make up too is excellent. Based on golden and brown hues, with a pale pink lip colour, it gives her a look that can match many outfits. Her light blue eyes are enhanced by real eyelashes. The jewellery set, basic stud "diamond" earrings (golden) and a matching gold square cuff, look great and can work well with other ensembles. Matching coloured fingernails complete the picture.

So how does Vanessa look in another outfit? From the same Dressmaker Details Couture gift set that Kyori took her exquisite suit, I picked the black satin corset trimmed with tulle and the matching long skirt with train to put on her. Boy, does she look awesome! Topping the ensemble off with a long necklace of transparent beads, her own earrings and cuff and black mules, she is the embodiment of timeless glamour and sophistication. It is if it was made for her.

Metal Maven Vanessa is another great version of the Perrin younger sister to grace the Fashion Royalty catwalk. Her perfect face paint and hair colour with ideal colouring make her an excellent basic doll, ready to offer hours of enjoyment while she goes into outfit after outfit, mesmerising fashion doll collectors everywhere.

Fashion Royalty: Quicksilver Kyori Sato

This year, the main collection of the Fashion Royalty dolls is named The Glamorous Collection. The four 2008 basic Fashion Royalty dolls from this collection are inspired by minerals! Wearing metallic bodysuits with coordinating shoes, they were launched with the slogan "Mineral Matters!". The four dolls are Kyori, Adele, Vanessa and Luchia. Here I present to you Kyori Sato - Quicksilver!

Kyori is a knock-out in this incarnation. The dolls have not changed from the past year in shape or size, but are getting definitely better hair and better face paint with each new collection. This time she has platinum hair, gathered in a long ponytail with lovely curls at the ends. There are no bangs (thankfully) and the platinum hair makes her pale complexion shine even more.

She is wearing a silver corset, in faux leather, with a ruffle trim on top and snaps at the back. A matching belt fastens around the waist. Under that she has shorts made from the same material. They could work well as separates, the corset surely having more of a life than the silver shorts (except if she is cast in a re-make of Kylie's "Spinning Around" video).

The rest of the accessories include nude panty-hose and silver leather laced platform sole short boots. The platforms give these dolls a terrific height, making them tower even in front of last year's dolls. A nice pair of stud "diamond" earrings and an amazing square metallic cuff bracelet are the jewellery included with the doll.

Her face paint is delicate, much more than I had expected, given that these dolls are inspired by minerals. So instead of glitter and glam, Kyori gets slightly shiny brown/grey eye shadow and deep pink lips combined with slightly blushed cheeks, a very good colouring that can accommodate many different styles and go with a number of outfits from day wear to evening. The only allusion to the metallic theme are the silver painted nails.

Basic doll means, what else, getting to wear lots of different stuff. Lucky for Kyori then that a very elegant suit was waiting for her upon arrival. Mary T's Dollhouse had released in 2007 with Dressmaker Details a great exclusive set of three outfits called Twinkle Tweed Giftset that could be combined between them to get many more different looks. So I photographed Kyori with the suit from that set. The results are stunning.

The tweed fabric is woven with metallic thread so that it catches the light in each move. The short boxy jacket is trimmed in black tulle ruffles at the hem and the cuffs of the elbow-length sleeves, while sequins adorn the lapels. The pencil skirt elegantly finishes off the silhouette. Accessories include a quilted bag (looking a lot like Chanel) with chain and black ribbon strap, a lovely pearl and black bead necklace and black stockings and black closed toe slingbacks (these are the ones shown here, the set included many more accessories, to be seen in later posts).

The silver bracelet and the stud diamond earrings that came with Kyori were of course perfect for this outfit, proving their versatility. No wonder Kyori dances with joy!!!

In conclusion, another great doll from Integrity's Fashion Royalty line. Her versatility means that there are lots of options for posing and re-dressing her. If you noticed in the photographs here, with a bit of re-arranging her long ponytail, you can get some different looks from her and that is before you even try un-doing it.