Fashion Fairytale: Integrity Toys 2017 convention sold out in record time

It is almost a tradition: Integrity Toys conventions selling out in record time during the advance registration period for W Club members, before becoming available to the general public. No exception this year.  Even with a major technical glitch, all 500 spots were filled faster than you can spell convention. 


You can always get on the waiting list of course, as some people do cancel for various reasons. Let's see what this most coveted convention is about this year. 


The 2017 Convention will take place during the weekend of October 18-21, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. And what about the theme?

Once upon a time, there were little fashionistas who love to tell a good story and dress the part for it! Always on trend, these girls and boys know how to dress to impress... And they lived fashionably ever after!
Join the characters of Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker, NU. Face and THE INDUSTRY on a weekend adventure like no other as they are set to explore what dream like style can be, inspiring themselves from well known fairytales and other beloved fantastic stories to truly express their creativity!

What it includes:
For the price of $550.00 US (or $525 if you take advantage of the early bird special, more on that later, read on), you'll get:

  • A welcome bag with a very special giveaway right when you arrive!
  • Two full sit down dinners and a luncheon with highly sought-after swag given out at each event!
  • Opportunity to participate in the "Fashion Bazaar", a salesroom for collectors to sell and swap their own goodies (and just like last year, renting a table is FREE and opened to all registered convention guests)! Also, at the "Fashion Bazaar", guests can enter our annual costume contest and party with our staff!
  • Access to the Integrity Toys Collection display, where you get to see all of those cool dolls in person; this year's display will feature a short trip down memory lane with an exhibit covering some of the highlights of the years of Integrity Toys in business!
  • Access to the IT Direct Souvenir shop, where you can scoop up all of those special and limited edition Integrity Toys convention exclusive collectibles and other great deals, just for convention attendees!
  • The opportunity to take part in exciting and unique workshops!
  • The opportunity to purchase the exclusive convention collection!
  • For W Club Members only, the opportunity to sign-up for the Members-Only luncheon!
  • Exciting raffles with brand new one-of-a-kind dolls created just for the event by the Integrity Toys design team!

In addition to all the things listed above, conventioneers will have access to the following UPDATED convention features!

  • The exclusive opportunity to purchase the brand new revamped STYLE LAB collection featuring the characters from THE INDUSTRY, with a surprise appearance or two by Miss Poppy Parker in a way you've never seen her before!
  • An opportunity for fans with budding design talents to enter our revamped annual design contest, even if you are not attending. (Full information on how this will work will be sent out later this Spring).
  • And last but not least, to celebrate the launch of convention registration, an offer for a very special convention upgrade doll gift set that will be available for everyone, convention goers and non-goers alike! REGISTERED GUESTS WILL GET A SPECIAL ATTENDEE-ONLY DISCOUNT ON THIS NEW UPGRADE DOLL OFFER! (Keep reading for full details below)!
  • And more surprises to be announced later on!

The convention hotel in Orlando will be the Hyatt Regency, with a special,rate available to attendees. If you registered or manage to get on the list, you will get the relative information.

And once again, there is a convention upgrade doll for attendees and non attendees alike.

The Integrity Toys team wanted to do something special for all fans of Fashion Royalty, attending and non-attending alike, and since this year's convention theme promises to be so much fun, the team wanted to start the celebration a little early and give you a glimpse of things to come.
Whether you are able to attend the FASHION FAIRYTALE Convention or not, it is with great pleasure that the W Club is bringing all of its members exclusive access to a chance to pre-order and obtain a limited edition convention exclusive gift set doll.
With this offer, every W Club member will be allowed to pre-order one exclusive convention upgrade gift set per membership until Monday, April 3rd, 2017 at noon Eastern time (New York time). Just like our other official W Club exclusive offerings, there is no set edition size at this time for this doll; the final production quantity will be determined by the total amount of pre-orders received by the deadline. This is an added surprise bonus for Club members that is not counted as one of the five (5) W Club exclusives they were promised at registration.


Item # 91431
Fashionably Ruthless
Tatyana Alexandrova™  Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2017 Fashion Fairytale Upgrade
Limited Edition Size: TBA (Based on total orders received)
Delivery Date:Approximately Late October 2017

***IT DIRECT EXCLUSIVE*** THIS GIFT SET WILL NOT BE SOLD THROUGH IT DEALERS!  *A deposit will required immediately at pre-order to reserve your doll. Pre-order information will be sent out on Tuesday March 27th, 2107.Special Pricing:$200.00 + Shipping and Handling Per Gift Set (For Non-Attendees)*$175.00 + Shipping and Handling Per Gift Set (For Attendees Only)*

Doll Tech Specs
Head Sculpt: Tatyana Alexandrova™ 2.0

Body Type: FR V6.0

Skintone: Porcelain

Hair Color: Platinum with Streak of Raven

Eyelashes: Yes

Quickswitch: No


Making a marked return to the FR Collection in the porcelain skin tone, Tatyana is a 12.5-inch fashion doll with fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes. This gift set includes mix-and-match pieces to create several looks: a faux-leather, laser-cut "natural edge" skirt, a Dalmatian printed blouse, a luxurious faux-fur coat with bright red lining, a long black satin skirt and separate black satin top. Set includes two pairs of pumps and a red hot cigarette holder. This set will come packaged in a carry case and will include a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only.
Preview sketches only- the final production details of this doll are subject to modification. The actual doll will be revealed closer to convention.



Of course the inspiration is Cruella De Vil, so you get an idea of how the convention theme will be fleshed out. The sketches are by Jason Kramer and the outfits design is by Jason Wu.  I am so preordering this one! As can all 2017 W Club members: they will be allowed to pre-order one (1) gift set per membership, whether they are attending the 2017 Integrity Toys convention or not! More details will become available on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017.


This is an optional upgrade doll. Whether you opt to purchase this or not, the convention package will still include the usual souvenirs and optional convention collection, which will be announced approximately later this Spring when the registration package is released.

So, did you get confirmed for the convention? Are you getting the upgrade doll? Let me know in the comments. 

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