Integrity Toys Luxe Life 2018 Convention - welcome dinner

As customary for the first day, a welcome dinner was held at the hotel hosting the convention. The ballroom was decorated by Alain Tremblay and there were two new dolls for the attendees: the centerpiece and a gift doll. Both dolls were designed by Jason Wu.

Item # 91452

Walking On Gold

Adèle Makéda® Centerpiece Doll

The 2018 Integrity Toys Convention: Luxe Life

Edition Size: 450 Dolls


Beautiful Adéle but reminiscent of older centerpiece Adéle dolls. What’s with the short bubble dresses this year? Not enough Lacroix in the world darling. 


Item # 91455

Luxuriously Gifted

Natalia Fatalé™ Giveaway Doll

The 2018 Integrity Toys Convention: Luxe Life

Edition Size: 600 Dolls


Same hairstyle and face up as Eugenia but in different colours. I don’t like pink and purple on eyes, they make them look bruised. Great jacket. 


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