Integrity Toys Luxe Life 2018 Convention: Poppy Parker Luncheon

Friday began with shopping and workshops. Then, it was time for the annual Poppy Parker luncheon. Guests were greeted with the Snow Stopper Poppy Parker as the centerpiece doll. And, as is the norm, everyone received Lemon Frost Poppy Parker. Let’s check them out.

Item # PP144

Snow Stopper

Poppy Parker™ Centerpiece Doll

The 2018 Integrity Toys Convention: Luxe Life

Table Centerpiece

Edition Size: 450 Dolls


Apart from the over the top coat, the rest of the doll looks amazing. Great colours (except the orange eyebrows) and make up for the doll, nice outfit with gorgeous accessories as well. 


Item # PP145

Lemon Frost

Poppy Parker™ Giveaway Doll

The 2018 Integrity Toys Convention: Luxe Life

Edition Size: 600 Dolls


Again I’m not too crazy about the coat but dress and doll look beautiful. Attendees also got lots of information about next year’s Poppy Parker line that will be a new wave of spy Poppies, this time in Brazil.  


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