Fashion Fairytale: Integrity Toys 2017 Convention part 5 - the Poppy Parker luncheon

The second day of the Integrity Toys 2017 convention had more shopping but also workshops for attendees. After that, it was time for the annual Poppy Parker lunch, except this year, the theme of mix and match brands continued with Poppy channeling Little Red Riding Hood as the centerpiece and Eugenia Perrin-Frost as the hidden giveaway doll, this time channeling the Big Bad Wolf. Attendees also got part two of the "Build-a-Giftset" kit: a Nadja head and bust with "sleeping" closed eyes. They were also given the option to purchase a body upgrade kit so that they could have not one, but two complete Nadja dolls at the end of the convention. I am guessing that people that bought a Poppy luncheon ticket were expecting to get only Poppy dolls and not a Fashion Royalty gift and have to win the raffle to purchase a centerpiece Poppy. Let’s check out the dolls.

Item # PP126

Through The Woods

Poppy Parker® Dressed Doll

The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale

Lunch Event Centerpiece

Edition Size: 420 Dolls


The Russian folklore touch, first glimpsed on the Alice Style Lab outfit is making another appearance here, much more fittingly in my opinion. I would have liked to see something more creative done with her hair - say making two braids that would coil on the sides of her head, or two pigtails. I also would have liked to see a more pronounced hood - after all, that’s how she got her name, right? I love her bag and will stress again that only Poppies got bags. 


 Item # 91428

Bite Out Of Life

Eugenia Perrin-Frost™ Dressed Doll

The Fashion Royalty® Collection

The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale

Lunch Event Giveaway DollEdition Size: 600 Dolls


I like this one. Love the widow’s peak. Love the make up. Love the earrings suggesting a wolf. Love the cape, dress and boots. Only thing I’d change: make the boots burgundy and reverse the colouring of the dress to match them. Lovely.


Item # 82090B

Sweet Dreams Welcome Multi-Part Giftset

Nadja Rhymes™ Dressed Doll

The NU. Face Collection

The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale

Build-a-Giftset Part B (Sleeping Head and Lingerie)

Edition Size: 600 Kits


Novelty item and a chance to take a couple of interesting photos, although the lids should have been a bit darker. Now she gives an impression of empty eyes.  


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