The fourth W Club doll is Looks A Plenty! Poppy Parker - 3 dolls in one!

This is the way a new year should start: a beautiful new doll! And when it is actually three dolls combined into one, even better. That’s the case with the fourth W Club doll, announce on the first day of 2019 to Club members. Poppy gets the Adéle treatment: the set consists of one doll plus two additional heads with busts and three different outfits. Of course Poppy only has one sculpt, but the body does have interchangeable feet: it comes with both high heeled and flat feet, to better accommodate all three looks. A completer pack is also offered: for $30.0 one gets two partial bodies (torso, legs and arms) to make the three dolls complete.  It’s a good price for three Poppy dolls: getting both the giftset and the completer set means 229/3=76.33 per doll. Not bad at all. Let’s check out this beautiful set.


Item # PP136

Looks A Plenty!

Poppy Parker™ Gift Set

The Poppy Parker™ Collection

2018 W Club Exclusive

Edition Size: TBD


Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker (For All 3 Heads)

Body Type: 1 Poppy Parker 1.5 Complete Body + 2 Additional Poppy Parker 1.5 Busts

Foot Type: High-heeled Lower Legs

Bonus! Extra Set of Lower Legs with Articulated Ankles Included!

Skin Tone: FR White

Hair Colors: Bright Auburn Red, Azure Blue and Natural Blonde

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: Yes (Switchable at the Torso Level, Not the Neck)



  • Fully articulated 12" / 1:6 scale doll body with high-heeled feet and a bonus pair interchangeable lower legs featuring the traditional Poppy Parker feet articulated at the ankles;

  • Three separate Poppy Parker doll heads, each featuring fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes (each comes pre-mounted on its own bust piece).

  • MUSEUM PODIUM STAND INCLUDED WITH EACH GIFT SET:As mentioned in the description above, the gift set includes a museum podium stand that allows you to display not only the complete doll on her telescoping "saddle stand", but also display the other included portraits "museum style", on stylish acrylic podiums. The busts insert on a peg at the top of each podium, creating a showcase for any of your dolls.


Look 1:

  • High-contrast, black and white polka dot evening gown, with train on the back;

  • Chunky "jeweled" bracelet and matching oversized earrings;

  • Alternate black "opera" length gloves (with painted on traditional Poppy hands);

  • Black clutch purse;

  • High-heeled shoes;


This is my favourite of the three looks, both as doll and outfit. I have a soft spot for red heads. She does remind me of the redhead included in another triple giftset, Mood Changers. This is the evening look, with the upswept hair and the gorgeous polka dot gown and it’s A-line shape. David Buttry confirmed on Instagram that this Poppy’s face is inspired by the screening originally used in Summer Magic Poppy. The dress is a 1964 Balenciaga Haute Couture gown.


Look 2:

  • Black cowl neck sweater with Punchinello patterned pants;

  • Black cat-eye glasses;

  • Bright pink heart shaped enameled brooch (with magnet backing)

  • Pair of red enameled stud earrings;

  • Miniature soda bottle and drinking straw accessory;

  • Black kitten heels;


Blue hair! This one looks a lot like a colour variant w Club 2018 upgrade doll Soda Pop Poppy - different outfit of course. She even has a soda bottle. Love the harlequin pants and the cowl neck sweater. Now there are three Poppy dolls with fantasy coloured hair - this one (blue), Ciao Poppy (pink) and one of the Mood Changers (lilac). Cannot wait to photograph them all together.


Look 3:

  • Mauve baby-doll nighty and panty set;

  • Simple bangle bracelet;

  • Pair of stud earrings;

  • Mauve pom pom slipper heels;


This is the simplest and most versatile one. I’m not crazy about the lingerie but it is something missing from my collection. The doll is lovely and with the long, flowing hair and relatively softer make up, will be able to wear many different outfits. She does remind me of To The Fair Poppy a bit.

  • Pair of basic Poppy hands with red nail polish;

  • Pair of alternate basic Poppy hands with pink nail polish;

  • Pair of alternate "slight grasp" hands with soft pink nail polish;

  • Museum podium stand (white acrylic with gold Poppy Parker logo);

  • Certificate of authenticity.


Offer Type: W Club Exclusive pre-order.
Participation Deadline: January 9th, 2019, Noon Eastern time.
Special Gift Set Pricing: $199.00 USD + S & H per gift set.($30 NRD deposit per gift set due now, balance of $169.00 + S & H per gift set due approximately late-spring 2019).
Optional Body Completer Pack Pricing: $30.00 USD + S & H per completer pack.($15 NRD deposit per completer pack due now, balance of $15.00 + S & H per completer pack due approximately late-spring 2019).
Final Edition Size: To be determined, will be based on all pre-orders received.
Shipping Timing: Approximately late-spring 2019.
Availability: 2018 W Club members only.
Order Limit: Up to 1 gift set and 1 body completer pack per membership.


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