Integrity Toys 2019 Convention Day 2: OOAK raffle dolls

Every year the designers of Integrity Toys create some amazing one of a kind doll’s to raffle off during the convention. This year was no exception. As the W Club unfortunately does not sent any email about them, I got some captures from the company’s Instagram stories so that you can check them out. You can see how popular they were with their followers too.


Third new Tulabelle doll and yes, I can officially say I don’t like her sculpt. In this case, I don’t like the outfit either. Which is a variation of last year’s Style Lab Poppy.


A colour variation (which is happening a lot in this convention and is, by now, lazy) of the W Club exclusive Midnight Decadence Poppy Parker. Looks nice but it’s frankly boring just seeing one colour variation after another and no new, exciting designs.


See how gorgeous a new doll design can be? Although new is not exactly a word one can use for a Karl Lagerfeld inspired doll, when Mattel has already done it before you. Still, Noah looks amazing here and I’d probably put all my raffle tickets towards him.


Beautiful Natalia (Flor means flower in Spanish and Portuguese), with a dress that looks like a flower.


Imagine handling a company’s social media and mistaking the product names. Nadja, again in a lighter skin tone, with one of those ruffled tulle dresses that have become quite popular lately.


Evelyn is so beautiful here, with her frothy polka dot gown and red hair. Please make a b&w version of the dress in the East 59th line.


Victoire embodies the Fire And Ice Revlon ad from 1952, with Dorian Leigh, but with a touch of Allure Monogram. Gorgeous.


A mess of an outfit. Why is this a Nu.Fantasy? What is the fairytale connection? If anyone knows, please comment on it. I’m guessing the sculpt is a Monogram.


Compare this to the previous doll. So much better! And it certainly looks like it took a lot of time making the dress, with the flowers and everything.

So, let us know your pick of the raffle dolls in the comments!

Lagerfeld Barbie is Net-A-Porter's fashion correspondent from the Paris collections

In another fashion moment for dolls, which seem to be running high on the list of fashionistas around the globe right now (enjoy it while it lasts), Net-A-Porter, who is one of the shops one can buy Lagerfeld Barbie tomorrow, enlisted her as their fashion correspondent for the Paris Spring Summer 2015 collections. Their instagram feed is full of the doll's photos in various settings. 


Karl Lagerfeld Barbie update: it will be VERY limited!

Today the first photo of the upcoming Karl Lagerfeld Barbie popped up on the indomitable designer's website. It shows the doll looking up to her real-life counterpart, dressed in a miniature version of his iconic black suit and white shirt plus accessories as promised by the original sketch.

According to the website, Barbie Lagerfeld is arriving at the end of the month. Taking inspiration from the designer’s signature style, the doll will be dressed in the designer’s likeness with accents taken from the real KARL LAGERFELD line. Borrowing from Karl’s iconic silhouette, the doll will be wearing a tailored black jacket, white high-collared men’s shirt with French cuffs and black satin cravat finished off with fitted black jeans featuring the iconic all-over head print. The accessories include black fingerless gloves, sunglasses, black ankle boots and a black leather purse with silver metallic accents. As for the doll, I can't tell which sculpt this* is but the body looks like a pivotal. Barbie specialists please advise!

The Platinum-label Barbie Lagerfeld doll will be available in limited quantities (only 999 dolls will be produced) for approximately $200 USD or €200 Euro through exclusive retail channels including: select KARL LAGERFELD retail stores,, NET-A-PORTER.COM and Colette in Paris. The worldwide retail launch is set for Monday, September 29, 2014. I bet it will be really hard to get one despite the extremely high price.

* Update 16 Sep. 2014: the sculpt is new and it is named Karl (of course)! Body type listed as poseable. Skin tone: Peace.

All photos ©2014 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Karl Lagerfeld becomes a Mattel doll - Barbie's new BFF?

We have written before about Karl Lagerfeld's projects with Barbie, either designing for her or photographing her. Now comes the time to join her into the Barbie world: he will become a Mattel doll in the classic 1/6 Barbie scale. The doll will be a limited edition and will be released in the autumn. The doll, designed by Robert Best (as you can see in his sketch above) is dressed in the classic manner that the famous Chanel designer prefers: a tailored black jacket, a white shirt with a high collar and skinny black jeans. Accessories include a necktie, dark sunglasses and black ankle boots. Can't wait to get this one!

Karl Lagerfeld photographs Barbie - should Ken be jealous?

Back in 2009, taking part in the 50 years of Barbie celebrations (my-my, does she look swell for her age or what?), the Parisian boutique Colette dedicated a room on the first floor of the Parisian store to Barbie. As part of that set up, Karl Lagerfeld, the venerable designer behind Chanel and Fendi (plus his own brand) shot his favourite male model, Baptiste Giabiconi, with Barbie and limited edition prints of the photos were on sale there. I got wind of this only recently, while researching a previous Barbie post, so I am posting the results of the photo shoot (and subsequent photo shopping) today. I must say that the photos look a bit boring, as if Karl wanted to get over with this soon. Judging from his photographic oeuvre, I expected more from him.

There was also a collection of Barbie clothes on sale designed by Jeremy Scott, Linda Farrow sunglasses, a mini pink Goyard trunk and other Barbie-related stuff. Most of the clothes in the photo shoot doll look gorgeous.