A new Poppy Parker unveiled on David Buttry’s birthday! Gardens Of Versailles exclusive convention 2019 doll

This year is the tenth anniversary of Poppy Parker and all releases of her in 2019 are, by default, considered just that bit more special. So what better date than the birthday of Poppy’s designer, the über-talented David Buttry, to unveil the "Gardens Of Versailles" Poppy Parker™ Convention upgrade doll. What this means for W Club members is that, whether they are able to attend the FW19 convention or not, they get exclusive access to a chance to pre-order and obtain this convention exclusive upgrade doll. There is no set edition size, as the final production quantity will be determined by the total amount of pre-orders received by the deadline.


Item # PP155

Gardens of Versailles

Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

2019 Convention Exclusive Upgrade

Non-attending members-Only Price: $150.00 + s & h

Approximate Delivery Date: October 2019

Edition Size: TBD


Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker

Body Type: Poppy Parker

Foot Sculpt: High Heeled

Skin Tone: Sunkissed

Hair Color: Black

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



  • 12" fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;

  • Full length custom floral printed taffeta gown with halter neckline and black satin sash;

  • Black satin clutch;

  • 2 pairs of earrings; large “golden” hoops and floral burst drop earrings with faux pink "stone" details;

  • Two "golden" bangle bracelets, 1 "multi-stone" cuff bracelet;

  • A large pink "stone" ring;

  • Black satin ankle strap heels;

  • Alternate pair of hands with long nails;

  • Stand;

  • Certificate of authenticity;


On the 28th of November 1973, a fashion show unlike any other before or after it, was held at the Palace of Versailles near Paris, supporting a charity for the palace restoration. Five French couturiers (Yves Saint-Laurent, Givenchy, Dior, Ungaro and Cardin) and five American fashion designers (Oscar De La Renta, Anne Klein, Bill Blass, Halston and Steven Burrows) were showing together for the very first time. A who is who of celebrities were attending. The event has a historical place in both French and American fashion, as it greatly influenced both industries for the next decade. There is an excellent book about it, The Battle of Versailles: the night American fashion stumbled into the spotlight and made history, by Pulitzer Prize winner, author and journalist Robin Givhan, plus two documentaries, Versailles ‘73: American Runway Revolution by Deborah Riley Draper, plus Battle at Versailles, by Fritz Mitchell. You can read more about it in this interview of Robin Givhan here and an excerpt here. Also, Ava DuVernay is slated to co-write and direct a film for HBO based on the aforementioned book.

Stephen Burrows dresses

Stephen Burrows dresses

Why all this history lesson? Because this is the story frame of this particular Poppy doll, according to the story details Integrity Toys released. She’s supposedly the most famous model walking the runway at this event. It’s early seventies, so she’s at the end of her career. The dress does not look like the ones you can see if you google photos of the event. Most of the outfits shown were either monochromatic (lots of beige for the opening and black for the finale), with Stephen Burrows rainbow coloured dresses in jersey standing out.

Stephen Burrows dresses

Stephen Burrows dresses

The silhouette and print of the dress are very true to the seventies, looking like something either De La Renta or Bill Blass would design. But there was none like that in the show. The story accompanying the doll mentions a Bartholomew Barrows as the designer Poppy is wearing, clearly referencing Stephen Burrows. The real Burrows mostly did colour blocking designs, using a lot of jersey cut asymmetrically or in geometric shapes, using a lot of “lettuce” curly edged hems. People complaining her dress looks too mature should remember that in 1973 Poppy is mature herself, not a fresh faced ingénue.

From the March 2015 issue of W magazine, article about Robin Givhan’s book.

From the March 2015 issue of W magazine, article about Robin Givhan’s book.

Oscar De La Renta early seventies print dress

Oscar De La Renta early seventies print dress

Bill Blass early seventies dresses

Bill Blass early seventies dresses

Halston dress from Spring 1974

Halston dress from Spring 1974

Anjelica Huston with David Bailey in Corsica, 1973

Anjelica Huston with David Bailey in Corsica, 1973

My major objection with the dress is the sash. Big, flowing dresses in the early seventies had either a thin belt shaping their waist, in leather or fabric, or a draped narrow basque-like design, with dangling ends on the side, made of the same fabric as the dress. The wide black sash is more emblematic of the eighties. The deep V neckline to the waist is very typical of the era.


The doll is beautiful, with her Sunkissed skin tone (first time for Poppy) and curly hair in a style clearly reminiscent of the famous seventies model Pat Cleveland.

Pat Cleveland by Irvin Penn, Vogue US, March 1971

Pat Cleveland by Irvin Penn, Vogue US, March 1971

The accessories are nice, although I think only one of the bracelets is original. The straps on the shoes will be hell to fasten. Love that she has two pairs of earrings to choose from.


The price tag is higher than usual for a non-giftset Poppy, but remember that this is the slightly higher price Integrity Toys charges on convention dolls for non attendees. I’m definitely getting her, how about you?

The dress has pockets!

The dress has pockets!


Final doll will be unveiled closer to convention time. Final fabrics, colors and textures to be announced. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. All photos and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2019 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission. FASHION ROYALTY, POPPY PARKER, NU. FACE, EAST 59TH, THE INDUSTRY and all other character marks followed by ™ or ® are trademarks of Integrity Toys, Inc. Chesapeake City MD USA 21915. All rights reserved. The W Club is a trademark of Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC. All rights reserved. Doll Photography by Jayme Thornton. Layouts and graphics by Alain Tremblay, Marketing.

Tonner Doll Toyfair 2018 reveals

It was good to see that among the other toy companies participating at The New York International Toyfair this year was Tonner Doll, with many new releases, either already announced (but not seen) dolls, final versions of dolls that had already been previewed sometime ago or first time appearances. amazing and it was so great to see and hear about everything that’s happening in the doll world. The dolls and accessories shown below include everything showed at Toyfair with a couple of new additions. When you click through to the site there are buy buttons on many of the items in this release, if still available. Some are shipping now and some have projected availability dates in the future. Please be aware that if you add one of those items to your cart and complete the transaction, you will be charged for all the items now and they’ll ship as they become available. Tonner Doll allocated limited quantities on some items to their direct sale inventory and once they are sold the only way to obtain them will be through one of the Tonner Doll retailers, should they have availability left. Let’s check the dolls out!

T18DCDD01 Wonder Woman-Training Armor - $210.00

Featuring a portrait sculpt of Gal Gadot with hand painted details, this ¼ scale figure on the new 16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body, is heavily articulated and outfitted in a replica of the Themyscira training armor as worn in the Wonder Woman movie. The removable molded armor is movie accurate and hand painted. “Bracelets of Submission” and three sets of hands (relaxed, fists and gripping) are included with this figure. Diana’s sword, shield and fully adjustable base are available separately. Features mink colored saran hair in a long braid and dark brown eyes. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


Another great Wonder Woman doll, again very accurate and detailed. I wonder how many of the people who got the first one would get this one too.She comes without the stand, which is always a problem. Would I buy just the outfit? Maybe. But, there’s a second version of this one...


T18DCGS01 - WW Training Armor Deluxe Set - $310.00


Featuring a portrait sculpt of Gal Gadot with hand painted details, this ¼ scale figure on the new 16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body, is heavily articulated and outfitted in an exacting replica of the Themyscira training armor as worn in the Wonder Woman movie. The removable molded armor is movie accurate and hand painted. “Bracelets of Submission”,  three sets of hands (relaxed, fists and gripping) , her mythical sword, shield and fully adjustable base are included with this ultra-limited set in a custom, collapsible box. Features mink colored saran hair in a long braid and dark brown eyes. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


Same doll as before but with all her weapons added, apart from the lasso. We get to see the lovely braided hair at the back here, great job. 


T18DCDD03 - Wonder Woman Variant # 1 - $275.00

The new 16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body has 15 points of articulation and Gal Gadot’s likeness is captured in detail. Saran is used to create lifelike hair set off with an accurate, highly detailed tiara. Accurately sculpted depicting her movie costume, the WW armor consists of a molded breast plate with a genuine leather battle skirt; her armband and “Bracelets of Submission” are made of real metal. Wonder Woman carries her golden lasso in a genuine leather harness. Boots are made of detailed vinyl and resin.  Figure comes with changeable open hands, fists and gripping hands. Fully adjustable Wonder Woman themed stand, sword and shield are available separately. Wonder Woman has mink saran hair and dark brown eyes. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


Third WW doll. She’s like the first release, with the cape added. I don’t like the cape, always thought it looks out of sync with the rest of the outfit. The cape is sold separately as well, for those who have the first doll and want to add it. Still no stand. I really don’t like this policy with dolls. They all should come with a stand, so the buyer can display them properly. Making people buy them separately does not look nice, to me at least. 


T17DCOF01  Wonder Woman Gala Gown Set (outfit only) - $109.00


Featuring an asymmetrical plunging neckline, and draped accurately to reflect the 1918 period, the gown is completed with a train and, in true Amazonian warrior fashion, Diana conceals her “God Killer” sword, which is included. Matching blue pumps (authorized by Warner Bros.) are included should you choose to dress another Tonner doll in this outfit. As Shown on WW#1 with an updo. Shipping Mid-March.


This is one of her outfits I really wanted to have. The sword does look plastic in the back photo but I’ll wait to see it in real life. Could not preorder it fast enough. 


T18DCOF01 Wonder Woman 2018 Black Cape (outfit element) - $50.00

Replicating the one from the 2017 movie, this version is complete with a hood and arm holes and the chevroned elements are top-stitched to accentuate the accurate detail. As shown on WW#1. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


And here’s the cape, as sold separately. Meh.


T18GWDD01 Scarlett O’Hara BBQ dress (dressed doll) - $235.00

Scarlett’s chiffon gown, emblazoned with green floral sprays and highlighted with a deep green satin sash, is further accentuated by a wide-brimmed straw hat with a generously proportioned matching green satin tie. The outfit is complete with a petticoat, pantyhose and green “velvet” pumps. Featuring the 16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body and new Vivien Leigh portrait sculpt with green eyes and mink saran hair. Acrylic base stand included.  Limited Edition 300 Shipping Mid-March.


I wonder why did Robert Tonner feel the need to make a new sculpt for his Scarlett dolls. It does not look like Vivien Leigh at all and it’s harsh and square looking, compared with the previous sculpt. She looks more like Heddy Lamar would have looked had she gotten the part. And that’s no 17” waist, fiddle dee dee.


T18OTDD03  (previously T17OTDD03) Jamie Fraser  (dressed doll) - $235.00 (PROTOTYPE)

A portrait sculpt of Sam Heughan, the actor portraying Jamie Fraser in the TV series Outlander, by Robert Tonner, authorised by the licensor. Jamie is wearing a monochromatic but elegant black suit and striking white dickie and cuffs, brocade vest, stockings and black knee high faux leather boots, from the episode where he makes his formal entrée to French society, attendind the levee at Versailles hosted by King Louis XV. Offered on the 17" “Matt” body with Jamie’s deep rich auburn hair and blue eyes. Acrylic base stand also included.  Limited Edition 500. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


We had already seen a peek of this sculpt months ago, when a photo partially showing the doll was posted on social media and now we have the full monty. He looks a lot like the actor, the outfit is gorgeous and I’m so glad I preordered him way way back. Only thing I don’t like: the boots that look plastic (the description says faux leather) and cheapen the whole look. He’s has a larger edition than Versailles Claire had, so that’s good, I hope that his body is tall enough to stand next to Claire, who, lest we forget, has Wonder Woman’s body. I will be able to tell sooner, rather than later, since the first WW Doll is almost here and I have a few Matt Tonner dolls to measure them against her.


T17OTDD04 Claire’s New Look (dressed doll) - $235.00

Claire and Christian Dior converge as she re-interprets 18th-century fashion with a version of Dior’s 1940’s “bar suit”. The bespoke off-white satin jacket and floor-length black satin skirt are accented by sparkling faux diamond earrings, white gloves, stockings, family crested bag and bow-front black pumps. The outfit also features a black straw hat which completes the ensemble. Claire’s New Look is on the  16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body and has a Robert Tonner portrait sculpt of Caitriona Balfe with mink saran hair color and ice blue eyes. Acrylic base stand also included. Limited Edition 300. June/July estimated shipping (subject to change).


La pièce de résistance! That’s the outfit I most wanted to have Claire in, even more than the red Versailles dress! The genius of Terry Dresbach, Outlander’s costume designer shines through in all of her work for the series, but so much more in this particular outfit. A 40s woman, getting her clothes made in 18th century France, presaging the New Look that would debut a few years after her first time travel. Brilliant. Preordered already!

Tonner Doll presents its first Outlander doll for Metrdolls “A Novel Romance” luncheon

Fans of the Outlander series have been anxiously awaiting for the Tonner Doll recreations of the protagonists  Claire and Jamie dressed in their gorgeous Terry Dresbach costumes. The first doll in the series was presented as the souvenir doll in this year’s Metrodolls luncheon, appropriately named “A Novel Romance”.  


This is the Garden Encounter Claire doll. It’s from a scene in the fifth episode of the second season of the series, when Claire and Jamie attend a horse auction in Versailles with king Louis XIV of France. I am a huge fan of the series and it’s costume designer, Terry Dresbach, who keeps on producing one after another of gorgeous costumes for the series protagonists and especially Claire, portrayed by actress Caitriona Balfe. 


Terry Dresbach wrote in her blog the story of discovering the fabric:

 “What the hell was this?? What could I do with it. It was amazing, outrageous and so over the top, I wasn’t sure it could be a dress. It was an extraordinary woven fabric. But I was pretty sure I was going to buy it and figure out later what to do with it. But there was 12 yards, and we need 15.  I could pick up one of the colors and make a petticoat, but that still wasn’t quite enough. While it was spread across the table and I kept saying to Ron, “it’s incredible, right, is it too much??”, and the poor man has no way to answer, so he just agrees. A customer walks by and stops, “that is amazing fabric, have you ever seen a show called Outlander? That looks like a fabric they would use!” I said, “yes as a matter of fact, I’m the Costume Designer on Outlander.” She was somewhat flabbergasted, and then said, “Do you know the guys who runs it? He did my other favourite show, Battlestar Gallactica.” “You mean this guy?” I asked, pointing to Ron. It was too much, I thought she might faint (kidding).

I bought the fabric, obviously. I sat with it for a few weeks and finally decided that Claire would wear it. It felt like a 1940s chintz and fit into my overall scheme. Or it would be a riff on these fabrics from the mid 18th century”.


From Access Hollywood:

 "It's a great dress. I adore it. That's Caitriona's favorite gown," Dresbach said of the gorgeous costume.

"It's really spectacular. That fabric is actually woven. Those flowers are woven and that was a fabric I found at Britex Fabrics in San Francisco, my favorite store, so I always plug them. And I had no idea what I was going to do with it when I saw it because it's an outrageous, outrageous fabric. … I had that fabric before I had that idea of making Claire's costumes have a 1940s feel to them, so that then when I circled back to make this costume I knew that this fabric was perfect because it is almost -- for lack of a better description -- it almost looks like curtain fabric from the late '40s with those big flowers on it, so it was a very out-of-the-box choice, but really spectacular. I mean, she just looks amazing in this costume," Dresbach said.

Claire's outfit is given an additional pop of color with elegant gloves, which Dresbach said can be described as "a real butter yellow."

"Real butter is actually this sort of marigold color that you see a lot of in the 18th century French paintings. Every costume that I do for Claire is trying to weave in elements of both the 18th century and the 20th century so that you have a sense that she could have had that fabric, or she was standing in a dressmakers at some point going, 'I want that, and I want that, but put it together this way,' so that we end up with a kind of look that she has that's so distinctive."


First let’s talk about the doll. She does remind me of Caitriona Balfe as Claire but her jaw s a bit too pronounced, a thing that often happens with Tonner dolls. She is beautiful and has a hint of that otherworldly beauty that Balfe has. Can’t wait to see the Red Dress version.


And what about the dress? Hmmmm. Let’s start from the top. The hat colour is so wrong. The original hat is not dark brown but has a more natural sisal colouring to it. It also curves downwards and not upwards. It is also doubled with draped fabric underneath as one can see in a photograph of the outfit displayed at Saks 5th Avenue.


As much as I can see on the badly lit promo shots, the colouring and design of the dress do try to recreate the human sized costume...BUT! The pattern of the woven flowers is difficult to emulate but it’s close enough, albeit with fewer flowers than the original one, obviously for cost cutting. The pleats and draping of the skirt at the back of the doll dress leave a lot to be desired.  Not to mention the unsightly back fastening, which is also inappropriate for the period and is nowhere to be seen on the original - adult dresses of the period always fastened at the front.

Sketch by Terry Dresbach for Outlander  

Sketch by Terry Dresbach for Outlander  

The seams of the sleeves cut the flower pattern, something not happening on the original outfit, where they fall precisely between the pattern. The overall shape of the dress will probably need a lot of attention and fuss to come close to its inspiration. This does not bode well for the red dress, which has an even more expansive and draped/pleated skirt. And these are not cheap dolls mind you. It’s unfortunate that they only got the yellow “dishwashing” gloves right. 


UPDATE: Tonner Doll published proper photos of the doll on their Instagram. The skirt looks a bit better regarding the pattern density but all my other observations still stand. In one of the two photo collages, you can see the shoes peeking from beneath the skirt.


That back closure is so wrong...but they seem to have fixed the curve of the hat...


...even though it looks again wrong in the close up.  


The final W Club doll of 2016 is missing the Royalty factor

When I opened the W Club email announcing the final exclusive doll of 2016, read the words "RÉCEPTION À VERSAILLES VÉRONIQUE PERRIN" and saw the doll's face, my mind went straight to Vanessa Perrin True Royalty. I was expecting to see a doll analogue to that one, something glamorous, royal, majestic and resplendent, fitting with the Versailles theme and environment. Alas, no such luck. The doll, while beautiful, is no match to its title, theme or previous experience from this brand. There's no Royalty factor in it. She could be going out for a glass of wine with her girlfriends, not hosting a reception in Versailles for her parent's 35th wedding anniversary (as the storyline accompanying the email mentions). And the background photos of the real Versailles does not do the doll a favour. 
I'm on the fence about getting this one. I like the doll, although I'd rather have her in a lighter skin tone, like Japan or Cream. I love the jewellery. The underwear looks nice too. The dress, not so much. No bag either. Simple shoes. I do not have a red-head Vero so it might weigh in on my buying decision.

Item # 91391
Réception À Versailles
Véronique Perrin® Dressed Doll
2016 W Club Exclusive
Approximate Ship Date: May 2017
Limited Edition Size: TBA Dolls Worldwide
Special W Club Price: $130.00

Doll Tech Specs: 
Body Type: FR2013
Head Sculpt: Véronique 2.0
Quick Switch Feature: No 
Skin Tone: FR White 
Hair Color: Red
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied

Véronique is a fully articulated 12.5-inch doll with fully rooted hair and hand applied eyelashes. Véronique is wearing a dove gray designer cocktail dress, accessorised with a brand new set of enameled jewelry, and also comes with lingerie and pumps. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. This doll cannot stand alone; a doll stand is included.

The doll in the pictures is a prototype. Final colors and textures may vary slightly. Background props not included. All text and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2016 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission.

Graphics and Layouts by Alain Tremblay Marketing.