The first W Club doll for 2019 is Midnight Decadence Poppy Parker and it’s a 10th Anniversary Souvenir Doll!

Early June is a bit late to release the 1st W Club Exclusive Doll of the 2019 membership year. But if you remember that last year the first club dolls were unveiled in September, it looks just fine. Yesterday, the club unveiled "Midnight Decadence" Poppy Parker™ 10th Anniversary Souvenir doll, designed by the talented and beloved David Buttry, featuring a special bonus illustration created by David himself to mark this milestone in the brand's history. It was 2009 when the first Poppy Parker dolls were released. Time sure goes by so fast!


Item # PP152

Midnight Decadence Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

The Poppy Parker™ Collection 10th Anniversary Souvenir Doll

2019 W Club Exclusive

Expected Ship Date:Fall 2019

Special Member-Only Pricing:$140 + S & H

Edition Size: TBD


Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker

Foot Sculpt: High-heeled Foot

Skin Tone: FR White

Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



  • 12" fully articulated doll with luscious rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Sparkling black evening gown with removable train (to create two different looks with one dress!), featuring a lovely black satin bow at the bust line and soft marabou feather accents;
  • Newly designed clutch purse with golden "PP" logo deco piece and chain accents;
  • Golden "jeweled" brooch;
  • Matching "jeweled" cuff bracelets, pair of drop earrings and ring;
  • Black satin pumps with marabou feather accents;
  • Black satin hair ribbon;
  • Sheer stockings;
  • Alternate pair of hands;
  • SPECIAL BONUS! 8 X 10 full color, limited edition printed souvenir sketch by David Buttry;
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.

Offer Type:W Club Exclusive pre-order.

Participation Deadline: June 11, 2019, Noon Eastern time.
Special Pricing: $140.00 + S&H per doll.($25 NRD deposit per doll due now, balance of $115.00 + S & H per doll due approximately Fall 2019).
Final Edition Size: To be determined- will be based on all pre-orders received.
Shipping Timing: Approximately Fall 2019.
Availability: 2019 W Club members only.
Order Limit: Up to 1 doll per membership.


A bit surprising for the 10th anniversary souvenir Poppy, don’t you agree? She’s wearing quite an original and avant-garde gown compared to her first released sisters all those years ago. The fabric would not be my first choice, but it’s luxurious and impressive in this styling. David said the sleeves are separate as well, so she can wear the short dress with them. The doll is a twin sister of Welcome To Misty Hollows Poppy, with different shades in her make up and a bow designed just a bit this way as to not look identical to Misty. 


The jewellery has been used before in different lines and dolls. I love the monogrammed clutch. The shoes are black fabric cutout pumps, with bows and feathers at the heel. I was expecting a doll styled more in sync to the debut collection, but I think I prefer this one, she’s more dramatic and decadent. Can’t wait to see the rest of the Poppy dolls the year has in store.


Final fabrics, colors and textures may vary slightly. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. All text and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2019 and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission. Poppy Parker and all other character marks followed by ™ or ® are trademarks of Integrity Toys, Inc. Chesapeake City MD USA 21915. All rights reserved. The W Club is a trademark of Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC. All rights reserved. Doll Photography by Jayme Thornton. Layouts and graphics by Alain Tremblay, Marketing.

Ru Paul dolls are back again! Shantey, you stay!

RuPaul announced on Instagram, just in time for Jason Wu's birthday, that the RuPaul doll’s are making a comeback! Then social media were buzzing with the news, and sure enough, the company email arrived. Integrity Toys, in collaboration with Jason Wu, is launching a new limited edition series of dolls based on the likeness of Ru Paul. The first series was released thirteen years ago, before RuPaul became a household name with Drag Race. It’s a bit surprising that the comeback took so long.


You can already pre-order the very first doll in the new series, named "Kitty Gurl Pink". The new doll was designed by Jason Wu himself. It has a new articulated body sculpt, uses the same sculpt that the original doll’s used, has two new hand sculpts made for this and has feet that match Fashion Royalty feet, so they can share shoes. 


So, who is RuPaul? For those of you living under a rock, RuPaul is an American drag queen, singer and actor known for such TV shows as 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and 'RuPaul's Drag U'. He was born RuPaul Andre Charles on November 17, 1960, in San Diego, California. RuPaul eventually took his crossdressing persona to stages in Atlanta and New York with bands and as a dancer. In the early 1990s, he landed a record contract and released his first album, Supermodel of the World, while also starting a career in acting. On the strength of his TV shows, including RuPaul's Drag Race, and his oversized personality, RuPaul has become a pop culture icon. (Reference from


Click below to view the surprise video announcement featuring RuPaul himself announcing the return of everyone's favorite officially licensed collectible doll series made into his likeness.

Kitty Gurl Pink will retail at $145.00 + shipping for the general public (see link in a previous paragraph). A portion of the entire edition size (which is 1000 dol’s) has been reserved for W Club members and is being offered via a "right-to-buy" lottery at the special members-only price of $135.00 + shipping and handling (Lottery deadline is October 9th, noon ET). While the general public and W Club members alike may pre-order the doll starting immediately on a first-come, first-served basis (until that portion of the edition size sells out) using the link published on and social media, W Club members can enter and be randomly selected to win in the right-to-buy lottery in order to obtain the specially reduced, members-only pricing.


Item # 14102

Kitty Gurl Pink

The RUPAUL Doll™

Approx. Ship Date: Early November 2018

W Club Special Right-to-buy Lottery Pricing: $135.00 + Shipping

General Public Pricing:$145.00 + Shipping

This doll is expected to ship in early November 2018 (payment in full is expected at pre-order time since the doll will be shipping within, more or less, 30 days after the payment date).

Edition Size: 1000

Head Sculpt: RuPaul

Body Type: New Special Body Type

Foot Type: High-heeled (Compatible with FR Shoes)

Skin Tone: Light Honey

Hair Color: Snow White

Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

Quickswitch: No



  • 12.5-inch/1:6 scale, fully articulated, vinyl collectible doll, rooted hair and delicately hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Elaborate micro-sequined stage gown designed by Jason Wu;
  • Shoes;
  • Earrings;
  • Opera glasses;
  • Pair of hands with long manicured nails (New hand sculpt!);
  • Alternate pair of grip hands (New hand sculpt!);
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.

I preordered the doll the moment I got the email. I figured that, even though it is a large edition, the $10 difference is not that much to make me enter a lottery. I love both doll and outfit. The eyes look a bit different than the older release, but the doll still looks like RuPaul. And a Jason Wu dress! And opera glasses! Fabulous!

The doll pictured is a prototype. Final colors and textures may vary slightly in final production. For adult collectors ages 15 and up. All photos and information contained herein is copyrighted Integrity Toys, Inc. and Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC 2018and may not be reprinted or disseminated without express written permission.The RuPaul likeness and logo are designated trademarks of RuCo, Inc. ©2018 All rights reserved. Used with permission.The W Club is a trademark of Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC. All rights reserved.Doll Photography by Jayme Thornton. Layouts and graphics by Alain Tremblay, Marketing.